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Saturday, 7 November 2015


My bed was calling at 1pm on a rainy Saturday afternoon, couldn't say no now could I?

This is honestly the first year I've embraced the colder seasons, most likely because I needn't carry a whole bunch of art crap back and forth from College anymore, that part of my life is finally done and dusted. Where am I headed next? No frickin' clue.
I thought I'd spend this post chit chatting a little bit about the recent social media outburst influenced by ex-social media star, Essena O'neil. Now I know a lot of people have had enough of this topic, so if that's the case with you then I wouldn't read ahead!

I have actually followed Essena for years now and I've always loved following her, she was and still is a very inspiring young woman! I guess you could say her decision to suddenly quit social media was a slight shock and really confused me, as it did to a lot of others too.
Essena expressed proudly that 'social media is not real life', a valid point of course, but must I say many of us do understand that and enjoy our time creating some other kind of social life online and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I understand her point that many youngsters get way too caught up in wanting that celebrity status, or wishing their life was as perfect as someone who they follow, and it is vital as a reminder to raise awareness on that issue.

However like many other bloggers, vloggers etc I don't agree with the dark light she seems to have shone on bloggers/promoters and just generally the whole concept of a career in social media. Social media is one of our greatest tools to this day, assisting in so many different ways, whether it's for knowledge, communication, promotion or just for fun, it's amazing but with anything so bold and positive, comes the negative, people who abuse it, such as cyber-bulling, or hacking.
That doesn't mean that it's the social media itself that's the problem, it's the person behind the screen using it. Overall and regardless of that, I love posting online on Instagram, Tumblr and such, sharing my photography and general creative designs, it's an outlet for me to show people what I can do and slowly build an online portfolio, hopefully leading to greater things. Just because I spent an hour or two taking a few pictures of something to share on an app, does not mean it's pointless because it's not life changing or whatever and also does not mean I shouldn't post it, or that I'm fake. So many of us out there do actually enjoy the effort of editing or tries to get a picture or vlog to post, like why not? It's a process of creation to most of us. That's why I think Essena has slightly irritated quite a few bloggers out there, as it seems as though we've been caught out for being 'fake', or disconnected with reality. When that completely isn't the case.
I know a few bloggers who truly love what they do and take great pride in working with amazing brands and people to create social entertainment and to express their own ideas and interests. It's also such a joy to see people getting creative and achieving amazing things, that most likely would not have been possible without the concept of publishing online.

I think that social media is a 21st Century way of expression.
A way of connecting, exploring, learning
and a new way to inspire.

I still continue to be inspired and intrigued by Essena, her new website although slightly contradicting to her views on social media, has only positive intentions and seems to be truly about what she believes in and how she wants to do her part in change in the world. 
We all get lost once in our lives and have to bounce back and take new risks, maybe some things could have been said better, or maybe it's all been blown a little out of proportion.

In bed with Glamour ft. the gorgeous Tanya Burr! Got my beautiful Oysho pjs on and I just have to tell you about this candle, it's called whiskey, it should supposedly smell like that, but to me it's just winter smelling, a mix of woods and maybe a dash of alcohol. 

Anyway I quite enjoyed this post just typing away my thoughts and rambling on, 
I hope you did too.

Much love.



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