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Monday, 27 June 2016


Time, it's something we feel limited with, sometimes it's wasted and lost. We're in a constant rush and manic to chase things, dreams, wants and needs, making sure we leave no minute, no second unsavored. It's a understated but natural cause of anxiety, the panic and guilty of letting things pass us by. 
❝time is a concept humans created❞ this is something I've gotten my head wrapped around lately, is realising you see what you want to see, you do what you want to do, you create the life you want to live with and for, so you can make time. Impossible you say, irrational, bizarre, how? You ask. Well, what if we didn't count the days, name them, love and hate them, what if we didn't follow the hands around the clock and woke by the sun, slept by the moon. What if we didn't celebrate our birthdays of age and simply being born, so we stop counting our years as they say goodbye, which force our eyes to see less and less of our time here on earth, because each year we celebrate getting older towards our own end. Death. 
Our good old friend time, gives our lives structure and meaning, there's no doubt life could be a mess, well would be a mess without it. We need it, it's an understanding of the world, the universe, it's our way of life, a tool to help and assist us as we go through life as well as our pursuit in learning more about the universe where we reside. 
But I think we get too caught up in our deadlines, our routines we're so familiar with, we're scared too break apart from, that we end up in a repetitive cycle where we're constantly waiting for Friday, for Summer, the holidays, the pay rise and love. We forget about the present, the moment you can make last forever, the nights that don't have to end, the days when anything really is possible. We forget about now, and the ability to make time here and there, for him and her. For you.
Construct your own life, establish what works for you, your needs, wants, lifestyle. Anything's possible, it's ok to break away from the normality and conventional ways of now. Time is precious we all know that, you might as well take it into your own hands, if not always, whenever you can.


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