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Monday, 4 July 2016


I remember that time when practically everyone wore the same thing, it was normal - you wore what the next person had on. Kind of like trends in the fashion world, instead it was groups of friends at school, the newest hoodie in Topshop, or Nike trainers, whatever it was that 10 others were wearing, you had to have it too. I suppose it was a way to fit in, a humble comfort zone for all of us back in the day. I tried and failed massively when it came down to it, I couldn't 'work it' like some, ironically I'd look more out of place than I did before. 
Years later and I couldn't give two fucks if I'm in trend, or have a put together particular style. I don't care where something is from, charity shops, tkmaxx - bloody bargain places & I love it. Sure some things are going to be years old, but most of the time their unique and different, so who's going to remember? Actually - who even cares.
Last week I came across this gorgeous floral patterned black kimono by Fashion Union, in tkmaxx. I've adored these treats for years, yet never found something that really grabbed me, until now. I've got no clue how to wear this I'll admit, I've worn it to lounge in after a hot bath, or spa night, over a mini dress or playsuit. I'm thinking a black crop top, high waist jeans and a belt would look wondrous under it too! 
I'm forever having fun mix and matching styles, exploring new garments and patterns, without any shame of judgement or following the crowd.


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