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Sunday, 31 July 2016


Self love -- the most common struggle that accompanies us on our journeys throughout life; it peaks at certain points, or hides on an un-dusted shelf, forgotten nor embraced yet sometimes it emerges unexpectedly, just at the right time. Either way, it's important. All of us, girls and boys, young or old, battle against our own hatred and insecurities for hours, decades, all that wasted time, tears and crippling self worth is never worth it in the end. 
You're not going to wake up one day and immediately love yourself, it's not going to happen in the wave of a magic wand, we're not Cinderella with her personal fairy godmother, it's all down to your mind set, the air you breathe in and people you surround yourself with. Self love isn't just loving your appearance on the outside, your outfit or features, it's all from within. Who you are, who you are on you're way to becoming. It's your health, mentality and spirituality. It's you. 
You're all you have at the end of the day, one body, one mind, one soul. One life. Treasure it, treasure you. Be your grandest, your most loving, your happiest inside and out. Free your mind and love yourself.
It's not easy, believe me I know. But small baby steps, small adjustments over a period of time, can help you for the rest of your life. You just have to be open to change, whilst keeping an open mind. You need to understand and have acceptance. Free yourself from the bounds of society, forget the insignificant words of others that put you down or restrain you. Remember what makes you happy and why, the things you live for, the people you love. Cleanse yourself from within and it'll show on the outside. Self love will light you up. 

change what you hate, find what you love

Thank you to InTheStyle for this gorgeous playsuit!

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