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Thursday, 29 September 2016


A neutral palette and a classic fit works subtle wonders against the quaint British countryside. Cravings for hot spiced drinks, festive movies and soft throws cloud my mind as the wind picks up and the sky darkens. 
I used to hide beneath thick coats, layering up solely to keep warm, I never took pride in dressing for Winter, especially with outer layers. I didn't think I could remotely pull a single thing off, nor did I ever warm to camel coloured jackets trend. Suddenly I can't deny how beautiful they really are; varied in styles, length and thickness, they add a certain grandness to any look, from jeans to dresses. I feel there's also something quite British behind them, that feeling you should be wearing one to afternoon tea, or a visit to the stables or races. Paired with a V-neck pocket dress from Zara and tassle heels from Daisy Street, it's more an evening look, unless you swap the kicks for wellies or chelsea boots, but either way it's a simple ingenious look making you feel and embrace the bitter seasons to come, giving you an overall classic look fit for the country but also the city.


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