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Thursday, 22 September 2016


Hello my fellow wanderers.
With the new season in full swing, it's that time where we start to hibernate as the cold drastically starts setting in, we hide under thick knits and oversized coats, swap nights out at swanky bars for a cosy evening down at the local pub. I personally feel I tend to loose my sense of style throughout the colder months, I never aspire to dressing up, why bother because when I go out I'll just be covered in layers and dressed in a coat too big for my petite figure?  

It's easier for me to want to show skin when I'm feeling warm and tanned, I think we all feel that way to be honest, but that's nothing a little fake tan can't fix. As the days get darker and the sun rests more, I find wearing black still comfortable, but a little daunting, and white too bold I start resembling the moon. I've never really known what colour palette suits me the best, then again I never bothered trying anything out. I guess the thought of restricting myself because of what looks best rather put me off. Yet teal, such a beautiful colour I'd never think I'd be so taken by, seems to be the exactly kind of umph and addition needed to contrast the minimalist tones I tend to take comfort in at the end of the year. It's an obvious tone, but not an overpowering colour, so you can feel whimsically confident and comfortable, instead of bashful. 
There's nothing I love more than silky skirts and dresses, the ones that make you feel as  though when you walk, you float, & when you spin, you dance. They're so effortless, but so wonderful, fit for most styles; modern chic, vintage, grunge and so on. Paired with a belt to cinch in the waist, embodying my curves, a textured hat and suede boots, I couldn't show my own style better than that. A little bit story-book esque, fit for a wonder, or tea and book browsing, it's comfort and style in one; two things that only sometimes collide in my world. Some people, at least they used to, kind of tease the whole 'below the knee look', as they're on the verge of evening dresses, or Grandma-vibe, which was something that knocked my confidence in wanting to wear one of my favourite styles, but what I've realised is that even if you wore what everyone else seemingly approves of, they'll always been that one or two who'll give you that dreaded look of criticism. You can please everyone, but if you're as in love with a style of your own, as I am, if you feel confident and loving in it, w e a r  i t. Work it. The minute you do, you gradual build a foundation for an everlasting confidence. 


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