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Thursday, 13 October 2016




Against the golden afternoon light, the skies start to clear, as the cooler air and wind leave me clenching for my coat. I could never have imagined these breathtaking views could be within a ten minute drive of me. It was a climb in completely unsuitable attire but this rocky hill top proved nothing short of perfect for a new shoot location, though tricky terrain for a clumsy girl like myself, it's beauty effortlessly won me over. 

nemophilist (n.) a haunter of the woods; one who loves the forest and its beauty and solitude. 
When someone asks you to describe yourself, or asks what you want, who and why, most of us have not the slightest clue how to answer, there's never a simple word or line that could suffice and do justice to yourself and the subject. I've found myself scouring through a vast number of untranslatable words, where the meanings are just wondrous, there's such details in one small eccentric word, that sends shivers up your spine and leave the hairs on your skin tingling. I've grown to miss the classic pronunciation of the English language; complex, superior wording, a then more in-depth conversation. It's to no ones faults that this has changed, we've merely adapted to the different counties and culture around us, learnt anew and taken our freedom of speech to our advantage. I just find it charming when more effort is made, rather than blunt answers and short words, there's more an element of interest and romance when conversing with another. I admit a lot of my own conversations with close friends and family, especially in humour include ridiculous words, pointless and bland, with no decent meaning at all, but have someway found it's place in our language, our everyday speech. 
I think expression is so understated in speech and writing, some tend to ignore the hidden confessions and underlying meanings in ones word. There's simply just a lack of fascination with the subject, perhaps we were put off from being plainly bored in our literature lessons at school, or out of fear of being teased for not being up to date and having enthusiasm in something most find a big bore. But as an artist who tries to see the beauty in any surroundings, a crack in wall or torn books, I just tend to look beyond what's in front of me and dig deeper for something more evocative and tender, in pure hope of something more. Of course sometimes actions speak louder than words, but what if at times we are just using the wrong words?


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