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Thursday, 6 October 2016


With temperatures feeling like they're below freezing, I am a stupid stupid woman opting for 'no tights', but hey I've got a thick lengthy coat on, mini socks and stamina, so hey I'll be alright. My time has been filled up with many shoots, coffee dates, a food festival and tipsy dinner and cocktails with a dear friend, I feel warm and fuzzy, happy and content, motivated and humbly ambitious. 

There's just something in the air around this time or the year for me, so much that this year I feel it more than ever; the evenings are dark, icy but cosy, the mornings full of mist later blooming into sun that strikes against the blistering cold air, the auburn leafs that blanket the grounds and cobwebs that hug the wilted flowers and trees, ah the list goes on and on. For me, there's just nothing more lovely than a hot winter drink, thick coat, boots and a wander through a quaint town, or woods with good company, a good book or classic film. Simple pleasures people. 
With the wine stained colours, hints of maroon and shades of grey and blacks, it's a warming look, pleasing to Autumn and Winters eye. I'm making a vow to this season not to hide behind one palette, one make up look, or simply makeup. I struggle as the weather changes, worst here in England, from sahara dried out skin, patchy complexions and ghostly corpse faces because of that faded tan, so I then give up constantly trying new serums, new powders and creams. Too much money, too little time to fuss. With the cold fresh air, I might start just leaving my skin be, letting it breathe, adding colour to only my lips, in shades of rouge, burgundy or tuscan rusts. I recently read an article where the most wonderful Clémence Poséy who spoke of how she didn't understand concealer, "Dark circles under the eyes can be one of the most moving things on a human face. I’ve always thought dark circles look quite romantic, is that strange? They make a fresh face look interesting." I've not once ever, ever thought of this in such a delicate and enlightening way, I've actually found myself hating the under of my eyes looking far too done, too light and contoured, on some it looks grand however on myself I much prefer it without. Embrace your raw self and enjoy this pure, brisk season.

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