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Friday, 11 November 2016


There will always be darkness, like there is the clouds and rain to the sun. The only time you lose, the only time you're truly defeated, is when you stop fighting. When you give up and lose hope and passion for all you believed in, because was it all for nothing? "It's pointless now, it's over" "We've no chances left". The impossible has changed after defeat many, many times before, why shouldn't it now. The trick is to simply keep on going. 

Nothing in life is really so permanent, which isn't as daunting a thing as we think it is, it allows us the freedom to change, to shift and steer in any way that we choose. It keeps the spark of spontaneity alive, as well as inspiring us to work hard for the things we'd never dream of losing. Anything we see as a restriction, a rule, a value, the law, is something someone, a person, created. Whatever reason for it being there, favoured or not, it can always be challenged. Look back to our past, our history, our legacy worldwide, if we hadn't continued to go on after being at wits end or risen to the challenges thrown in our paths, it'd be a very different present today. 

Our voices, our strength, can only ever be heard if we speak up. No matter how many times it hasn't or doesn't work, we must never, ever cease to use it. You may be misheard a thousand times, but you only need it to be heard once and fully to the right audience to make a difference. 

Good things take time, we all know that. So when things fall down, never give up trying to build them back up again.

No matter our differences to billions of others in the world, on this small planet in comparison to the vast universe, if we were stripped of our luxuries, left in barren land with nothing materialistic, all we really have is each other. We must always continue to have compassion for others, no matter what. Promote hope and love to those around us that need it, and to those who may not see it. There isn't just a single person in charge, because of a title they posses. That's in us, all of us that reside in the same world, sometimes we all make mistakes, and we struggle to see how a world that fought so hard for everything it has, can suddenly be seen turning in the wrong direction. But that's the thing, if we continue to unite, to stick together, be understanding and optimistic, we can steer that ship in any direction we choose, if we never ever stop trying. It's never the end, and hey, who said life was easy.


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