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Friday, 4 November 2016


The mornings seem to be so enchanting lately, with an early fog, crisp air and clear skies. There's nothing more wondrous to wake up too, before the rush of cars as kids are off to school and adults to work, there's something about those early hours, whilst the world around you is still asleep. It's a more soothing way to wake up, a gentle awakening, rather than abrupt in darkness or blasting sunlight, that leaves you wanting to hide under the covers for an extra 5 minutes, 30 or an hour.
I find myself excited for dark afternoons, leading slowly into the snug evenings with the fire on, a glass of wine or tea, a good film, book or just in the company of those I love. Ironically with shorter days, I've found myself going at a slower pace, feeling less guilt yet still working, getting constantly inspired and planning a week or two in advance, all seemingly fuelled by the prospect of what the future can and will bring if I work hard at it.

There's been times when I've turned things down, opportunities whether in my work or social life where I've freaked out and bolted, or let pure fear throw me in the opposite direction because of the unknown. I'd run for the hills, and I'll tell you, most of the time, nearly all, I still regret to this day, I still think what if, because honestly what's the worst that could have happened. Well you live and you learn, you grow and evolve, there's never going to be a day when we know it all, never. They'll always be something new to tackle, never ending lessons and challenges, but you know what, that's life, that's what makes it. It's all in the details, the messy bits. Who wants a smooth path, the same outlook, no surprises or adrenaline, Van Gogh certainly didn't. 

"normality is a paved road, it's comfortable to walk on, but no flowers grow on it"


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