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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


A more editorial shoot, one I'm not sure that works. Flash on, spot lights, bolder poses, fishnet tights! Yet I like it, perhaps because it shows a different side, of me? or high fashion, more serious and slightly daring. The ability to completely transport yourself miles away from your shadowing thoughts, self doubts or worries, within a shoot through clothes and attitude, is something I find a thankful escape. For a while, you just enjoy it, you let loose. Maybe the knowledge of it not being you at all, gives you the confidence to feel no guilt in doing so, not that there need to be any at all. 

Everyday we deal with harsh yet a lot of beautiful realities. We all have a past, current troubles and worries, so we all want an escape, some through travel and a lack of life online, others through books or music. Some act, some dance, some write; we all have our ways. Lately I'm in need of that more, with the days colder and darker, I retreat to the sofa with a fire on working in front of a screen, editing, planning, writing. Too much all at once in a hot, confined space, leaving me with headaches for days. It's always worth it in the end, but I know I need to squeeze in a more walks, more days without my phone or mac, wherever possible. I'm saving up to book a little getaway, anywhere quiet and blissful, no computer, just books, disposable cameras, big jumpers and fluffy socks, I'll take whoever will keep me grounded and uplifted, fuel conversation and laughter, and it'll be absolutely lovely. 


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