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Saturday, 3 December 2016


I have never ever been to a spa hotel, or even just a little spa itself, so when the opportunity came to accompany my mum to The Dormy House Hotel & Spa in the Cotswolds on a mini work trip, my bag and camera were packed in an instant. Ok maybe not, I packed about twenty minutes before we left and as much as I brought my camera I much preferred the photos on my iPhone 6.

It's one of the Cotswolds favourite luxury hotels, set within an estate the rural boutique hideaway oozes rustic charm and a beautiful feel of of the British countryside. Originally a 17th century farmhouse now filled with chicest rooms, perfect for us photographers and bloggers, coffee machines in every room, free wifi - high five! & cocktail evenings in the most beautiful bar, which a Rosé infused me didn't get photographs of, it was such a stunning place to stay in, that although a night and day didn't feel long enough to spend there, it was such a treat and pleasure to do so.

If you're interested in taking a trip here, do. It's so beautiful, though I'll admit it's high end for sure, as a work trip it wasn't us paying for it, yes I know, we were so SO lucky. Rooms in the hotel itself range from somewhere in the hundreds upwards, then the outhouses where you basically get your own little escape, with a bedroom, bathroom and living space, well that's a hell of a lot more. But so worth it if you're willing, as even the staff are absolutely wonderful, lovely and so accommodating. 

Now, the spa, holy shit. Ok I don't have anything else to compare it to, but I'll tell you what, I've got bloody spa fever now, I'm already looking up others to visit. With such a serene atmosphere, well duh, I was in awe. I devoured every steam room, sauna, lavender room!! As well as having a swim in the cool temperature pool. It was honestly absolutely stunning, there was also a nail salon, a spa shop, massage rooms, a gym! The whole freaking package, unfortunately as an impromptu work trip, time was the one thing we didn't have, at least not enough for such an incredible place!

I'd never been to the Cotswolds before, yet it's also been that place I'd know about and always picture it as how you imagine Britain's countryside to be. The towns we drove through to get there were those typical story book loving places that you always dream of living in. Oh Cotswolds, I'll be back soon.


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