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Sunday, 4 December 2016


I'm one of those, who constantly thinks and reminds myself of things I've learnt over the last couple of years, more so lately. Instead of looking back and dwelling on the past, I look back to reach forward, to move on and perhaps let go.

Most days I think we all wish we knew what we know now then, though completely impossible, as one has to learn somehow. I for sure, would have liked a little more advice from those ahead of me, but years ago people kept to themselves more, well at least that's how it seemed. I think we're maybe still, and certainly years ago, so afraid of the judgment that would come from others after opening up about experiences, uncertain looks and responses we'd get from our advice and rejection or disagreement from our morals and beliefs, that we'd end up feeling quite alone in our own sufferings now matter how big or small, because we'd just not know or believe we weren't the only ones.

Edit your life frequently, treat it like the art it is.
We are brought up, more so in the education system, to get our shit together pretty fucking quickly; to have a well rounded idea of our future life, so much that sometimes we believe that one thing is all we'll do, that person is who we'll ever be. Our switch of freedom becomes covered in dust, as we forget we can always change our path, our direction, appearance. We can grow as the humans we are, the possibilities are endless. We just forget we have that choice and freedom to re-write ourselves, our lives for the best possible outcome.

A good cry works wonders.
I knew this when I was younger, but I had very little self control when I was upset. However now, what a relief not to bottle things up. Except when I'm horrifically sad with a painful face after tears, I actually have grown fond of crying. I'm not scared of it, now I realise it is in no way a weakness, but an outlet - cheap therapy perhaps?

Take care of yourself.
Your body, your hair, skin, your mind and mental health, it's all you've got. It's the only one you've got in this blessed life. Treat it well.

Read, read lots.

Fuck people pleasing.
You can't please everyone, so fuck it.

Get enough sleep.
Life gets busy, very busy. Cherish it always.

Better an oops, than what if?
The amount of opportunities I've wasted, missed out on. The chances I never took, memories that'll never exist, all because of the fear. Fear of rejection, disapproval & disappointment. Now, I'd rather the oops, the stories to tell, the cock ups and laughs to look back on.

Seek to be worth knowing rather than well known.
In a world dominated by social media, this is so important. As someone with a growing career online, like many others, reminding myself of this keeps me humble, as well of course those I surround myself with. Which is why I try to keep what I say and do authentic. I cherish deep, weird conversations, I hate small talk and I will forever want to help others. I hope this makes me worth knowing, rather than being about numbers and being well known.

It's ok, life's a tough crowd.

You don't drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.
I think sometimes, when things go downhill and we feel stuck and dragged down, we suddenly accept that's how it'll be for the time to come, forgetting that we can lift ourselves up, and pull ourselves out of the rut, or even a situation, whether it's a relationship or work drama, it'll only go backwards and not forward if we stay put. So trust the magic of new beginnings, and don't stay in one place.

Live your life and forget your age.
You may be an old soul in a young body, or older with youthful antics. Do you, what makes you happy, what fills your soul. Live, don't just exist, no matter your age.

Everyone you meet is either a blessing or a lesson.

Be kind.

& fall in love with yourself. 
Self love. Encourage it, embrace it.

So there you have it, quite a few things I'd tell my younger self, there's plenty more I would. I constantly find new quotes, writings and mantras everyday that inspire me, alter my view point, enlarge my perspective, but you grow and you learn.
We can't know it all, to be honest who would want to, we have to fuck up, laugh and cry.
We have to live.

If you could give your younger self, siblings or friends any advice or words of wisdom, what would you say?


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