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Monday, 12 December 2016


Like some of my closest friends, I am a sucker for charity shop goods, pre-loved finds that your most likely not to see anyone else with. Old vintage, little trinkets, retro collectives or simply cheaper alternatives, there's so much you can find in different places, either in quaint little towns or if you're in London, you can get some bloody amazing designer goods for ridiculously low prices.
Don't believe me? Well only yesterday did I find a beautiful YSL shirt, a Whistles coat and a pair of Doc Martins. Ok I didn't get them, but I don't need them, or perhaps I'm trying to not be a greedy...but altogether, it would have worked out at under £40, not even a third of the full price of one of those items!!

That beautiful little leather satchel that I am cradling above, was a blooming fiver. Five bloody quid, that's it, and it's in the most perfect condition it could be! When it comes to bags especially, I'm really funny about spending a lot of money on them, I never used to be I'll admit, so this was such a joy for me to find. It works with most clothing I wear and each style I mix, vintage, boho or minimalist chic. So I think this relationship between this satchel and I could very well go into the distance.

You'll come across a few things that are a little worse for wear, some unforgiving styles and sizes, but other than clothes, I can't tell you how many cute vintage tea sets I've found, crystal glasses, classic books and paintings. These places can be filled with buried treasure and history, I bought two poetry books in which one had a note that fell out from it, handwritten stating to and 'with love from' which I just gushed over, my mind then just wandered about the who's, whats and whys.

Pre-loved isn't for everyone, I completely get that, but cheap, sustainable, quirky and fun what's not to love?


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