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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


It's been a guilt-less lazy start to the year, I'm gripping onto coffee like a drug, as always, hiding under oversized jumpers and cardigans, and already dreaming about Summer. Fess up, you are too. Though I wouldn't mind spending the first two months of the year in a ski chalet, surrounded by snowy hills, wine on the go, who really stops that now Christmas is over, whilst following the Winter sports. Maybe next year(s).

There's a certain pressure as the year starts, an unnecessary rush and need to look and feel our best, pre-endless drinks, double meals and extra snacking, is what we aim to get back to. Me? I'm taking it slow, I'll spend more time slowly indulging in my vegan mocha, than doing my hair, I'll leave it half brushed hoping it'll pass for style not neglect. I don't do much with my long locks, other than straighten or curl them, not so professionally. Yet I realise there's so much more I could do, but the struggle of then maintaining it throughout the days puts me off, oh the effort and ache of styling it. So of course I like anything effortless, like these three quick and easy, I mean that, truly, tricks and details to add to un-styled hair.
Three of the most common hairstyles, just with a little touch of bohemian detailing. You could quite easily touch it up with more braids, hair accessories and all, but on its own it's (keyword) effortless. Brushed or not, the coconut spray I swear by, for hydration and overall softness, is the coconut water by ogx. It works wonders for us hermits, who want a quick fix to soothe our untamed bed hair, dried out post party season. 

with love, Kat


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