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Tuesday, 17 January 2017



"two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others"

I bet you, nearly all people who come across and read that it think, 'shit yeah'. It hits you in places you simply ignored and you actually realise how easy it is to let yourself do these things but also how you could turn it around in no time. I find at the start of the new year, when you're already trying your best to get on with things, it's easier to fall back into the habit of self doubt with a lack of optimism for the future. Take small steps to focus on the present and don't anticipate the future too much, look after yourself and remember we're our worst enemy, we see our imperfections before anyone else and face the fact, everyones different, you're blessed being the individual you are, you're beautiful try and embrace that.

"stop waiting" 

Whether this is for your career, personal life or overall lifestyle, there is so much within your reach and power & that there's never a right or specific time to go get what you want, make a change or do. Just stop waiting and do it! Some things will come to you naturally, of course they will and I think some people are too passive aggressive with telling people they have to go get what they want or they won't get shit, like we all know sometimes things, romance, success, happiness, they just find you, but what I'm saying is simply stop waiting for him to call you (oh how cliché I know, but true), stop waiting to visit that place, for a cocktail evening to come up, or the right time to change your hair, just go for it. Life's short and it can't all be done for you, the power lies with you.

"seek magic everyday"

It may be gloomy outside your window, but don't forget the beauty in everyday; our blessed surroundings, the forest and streams, sweet whispers of gossip in the corner of a coffee shop, tears at the airport, old poetry books and so on. Find the magic, be the magic.

"be infectious with light"

There's going to be plenty of people, myself included I won't lie, who will frown more than smile until the days are lighter, afternoons longer and the rain fucks off for more than just one day a week. It's never the greatest atmosphere at the start of the year, so it comes down to us to improvise and ignite laughter and smiles to those around us, to light up someones day, to just create a happy and hopeful vibe for everyone and ourselves. We always say to surround ourselves with positive and inspiring company, but what if that falls to us to be that way for others! 


Eat the cake, have a fourth coffee, take the night off and get the pizza! I'm all for health and fitness, believe me I work out most days a week and feel like a guilty wreck if I don't, but just because it's the new year does not mean I'm going to create immensely strict limitations that actually drive me to feel unhappy, because health is inside too. Health is your happiness, not the size of your thighs. 

"be brave with your life"

The new year is always daunting, and it's always going to be a struggle to tweak your outlook on the year, how to be, what to do and figuring out what you want and who. But be brave, play it safe, take risk, there's no rule book, repeat after me, there's no fucking rulebook. Do things for you, your best and hardest, look out for those you love, be kind and have faith. Make your life rich without material or money. 

with love, kat


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