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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


...I’m craving it a lot lately,
with my best friends back at university, and most others too, it’s feeling a little empty in this town. The first few months of the year are always lonely, we’re all trying to find our way back, wherever that is. The excitements died down and it’s a long way to summer; I’m dreaming of sun-kissed skin, lighter evenings, star gazing and days spent laying in the grass.
All with company & perhaps a book.

I like time to myself, I think that’s important to be ok and want that space sometimes, but I’ve found myself not needing company out of worry or boredom, but pure want. I want someone to laugh with, till our stomachs ache and we’re convinced we won’t need to work out tomorrow, to play cards with, to tease and stay up all night with, or simply fall asleep on, that’s something I’ve never warmed to, except maybe now.

I have too much to say, jokes, thoughts, secrets, many confessions; so much to share, with no significant other, no family nearby or my dearests. I’m not alone, alone, I just wish it were a little easier to find company, ones that needn’t be out in a bar, or surrounding alcohol. Simple, raw, honest company.

with love, Kat

 ~ Jacket originally from Jaeger found for under £20 in a quaint village charity shop ~


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