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Monday, 2 January 2017


As the sun rose yesterday morning, I couldn't help but hear a Gossip Girl voiceover go off in my head, good morning upper east siders, it's that time of the year again... And so it is,

Each year we set goals, we reflect on every detail, say cheers to our successes, our victories and take a shot and have a cry at those mistakes and regrets, we'd swore we'd never repeat. Despite the odd few complaining and taking the piss out of most of our wants and need to re-evaluate and use the New Year to start afresh, I have no shame in absolutely loving this time of year, where we can do just that.

Being freelance, in multiple professions, can make the New Year that little bit more daunting, for me anyway. Reasons as to why; I don't have a set schedule, the only time I do is the odd few weeks before the shoot, trips or photography job. I plan as I go, which I understand is something some cannot stand and to be honest I get why. I still adore the way I've moulded my lifestyle, though it pushes me to motivate myself that little bit extra, and some days I really have to force myself to get on with things, I'm slowly taking steps to paint my life into a diverse vacation, from which I'll never tire, one for a non-stop creative, bursting at the seams with ideas, that drown from the lack of confidence. That's one motto to get my head stuck into, "Just fucking do it", honestly I am and always will be the one who holds myself back.

If anything, I'm not that terrified for '17, it's actually Springtime I dislike. I find it bland, it's a long wait till Summer, and not like the months from September to December when there is so much going on, the spirit that surrounds and festivities to look forward too. My biggest fear is my mental state, that it'll sink lower and lower into Spring, where feeling stuck will translate into unnecessary anxiety and then it's a battle I'll have to fight all over again.

I think it's all down to your mindset, with how you approach what's coming or dropped in front of you, how you choose to view it, your perspective. I could worry and then worry, then worry about worrying, or think, yes I now have a few months with no distractions (that I know of right now) where I can work my ass off creating content, starting new projects, building a momentum to launch myself off into bigger and better things, because come Summer, I'll get busier with holidays, social shindigs and what not.

It's become more apparent to me, that my belief in the Law of Attraction, is very real and true. That what you exhale, what you give and shine, is what should reflect and come to you. That if I push myself, work hard and harder each time, it'll pay off, success will come, rewards and champagne. That if you're kind, compassionate, give more than you take, others will be to you and respect that, of course they'll be those who take advantage, they'll always be negative people opposite the positive. But you just got to worry about yourself.

Happy new year darlings


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