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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I take a lot of pride in my evenings, forgetting how the day's gone and what tomorrow's going to bring and just being able to wind down. It's those few hours I can have to myself, to be selfish & indulge in lavish spa treatments, bath salts, aromatherapy oils, face mask; high end or not they're an on-going treat I'll never tire of because I always inject excitement into it so feverishly. 

Neals Yard bath oils & body lotion

Rose & Pomegranate bath oil is heavenly, it quite literally leaves you dreaming of yourself in an oasis, far away from all your worries. Silky on your skin whilst gentle, for a long time to come this is going to be my go-to for a perfect wind down. Paired with the body lotion, to slather on afterwards, it brings Spring time to you early.

Ogx argan oil hair spray

Truth is, I burnt the crap out of my hair using faulty hair curlers the other week. We've had them for years and they were just the most inconvenient size for my thick locks, I was ridiculous for bothering to use them. I'm quite reckless with my hair, I never have it cut, a trim? It never is just an inch or less. So when I do need to, I do it myself, I also dye my hair myself as well, I'm fussy but secretly protective, which I never bother being if I'm honest. But the Ogx argan oil, meant for reviving dry hair, pretty much did exactly that, and thank heavens because it was bad. I'm pretty sure I gasped and shed a slight tear at the state of my hair after I gave it a trip to the burning gates of hell.

St.Tropez facial tan

So, I don't wear foundation. I gave up on it & now concealer and powder too. I've never liked having to cake on base layers onto my face, for me personally it's just never worked, even if it looked good  & matched my skin tone and all, I hated then having makeup on my clothing and it clogging my pores. No, I'm expecting praise for wearing a lot less make up, I'm not vain or proud. I'm just tired of slapping it all on and constantly feeling the need to cover imperfections and natural pores.

However like most, I like a little colour on my face & considering I fake tan my body regularly, I don't want to be completely mismatched in colour, so I therefore use the St.Tropez facial tan oil, which I put on before bed, then wash off in the morning, leaving a hint of colour and glow.
I'm not overly keen on the smell, in fact I don't like it all, but once you've washed it off it's absolutely fine, it's just a little intense at first whilst putting it on. It's a product you only need to use once or twice a week, so it'll last a while before you need to re-buy.

Natural Collections lipstick(s)

I think wearing lipstick can feel quite theatrical sometimes, in a good way. Even if your outfit is just not quite right that day, or you're feeling sluggish, a good lip can distract from the negatives and hold your head up high. It's like you almost have your life together. Almost. 
I'm fussy and messy. My lips are deceptively an average size, but seem a lot thinner to myself, half the time I'll apply a colour and it looks as though I have the most outrageous lip shape. I'm probably appalling at doing them or just try too hard, but I've always wanted a go-to coloured lipstick that wouldn't dry my lips out. The moisture shine lipsticks from the Natural Collection, are a combination of all I wanted and I needn't struggle with the application of them. My two favourite tones are cedar & hazelnut, perfect for if you don't want to be so bold with a red or too dark with a burgundy.

Ghost Fragrance

I'm fortunate enough to be one of the fragrances Ghost Girls, receiving a product or so each month & no word of a lie, I adore every single scent I've gotten. 'Eclipse' & 'Ghost the Fragrance' are my favourites that I would always recommend and never stop using. I pretty much take one bottle with me everywhere & anywhere I go. They're that good and that care free.

with love, Kat

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