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Friday, 13 January 2017


I locked myself away in the spare room which I re-invented as an office, it had the desk already sat comfortably between the two huge windows, something I very much adore about victorian townhouses. So I've just been sat writing, editing old and new photographs, planning and jotting down ideas, it's been quiet, but lovely. It's been dark and wet lately, though I'm not complaining, it's been atmospheric, ironically motivating, perhaps slightly inspiring to just get on and write, with the rain tenderly falling outside and pattering against the window. 

This trench coat from Gap, an iconic piece of clothing, around endlessly for decades, is no doubt a staple piece. Comfortable, effortless - I feel as though I should be dancing through the city at night, wearing a little black dress underneath it, finding a place still open that plays Jazz and serves martinis.

Or spontaneously booking a seat on the Eurostar to Paris, in search of good coffee and quaint bookshops. 

Rather than basic outerwear, it's more like a costume piece, something that makes you feel like a character from an old Era, something I love very much; it's dressing up without really seeming to do so.

Paired with this cute little polka dot number from Zara, of course, & jumper because I still need to remind myself that though the holidays are over, that doesn't mean it's magically warmer! Whilst finishing off the look with my most favourite pair of boots, ever. Ones I'd never naturally go for, but my love for sixty and seventies has sky rocketed over the last few months, and with how flattering these are, as well as being ace in comfort too, well they're pretty much my go-to with any outfit. 

I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, I keep reading and thoroughly relating, to everyones rants about January blues, which are very real. I do love the winter, but I'm longing for Springtime to come and perk things up a little, lighter evenings and blossoming flowers, please.

with love, Kat 


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