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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Kirsty Faux Snakeskin handbag in black by KOKO COUTURE

I'm drawn to unique bags, a quirky shape, embellished, patterned, textured - anything that makes it pop as a statement piece. So naturally I went heart eyed over this Faux snake skin gold chained bag from KOKO COUTURE! I adore the fact it's long, rather than wide, it's still perfectly spacious and to my eye even more flattering as it hangs across your body. Paired with these gorgeous palazzo trousers from the Fashion Union to make the gold embellishments shine, and a plain black crop from H&M, it's a stand out - block coloured look, to help you burst your way into Spring, perfect for you if you're like me and aren't too great with pastel coloured looks!

Thank you to KOKO COUTURE for getting touch & being so kind gifting me with this stunning bag. 

with love, Kat

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