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Thursday, 9 February 2017


Do you ever doubt yourself? How far you'll succeed? If you're even doing enough... is there more or less to be done? How, what, who, where?? Your brain goes into an overdrive, you tire yourself out, processing a thousand unnecessary thoughts and then the doubt creeps in late at night & hits you at unsettling hours of the day. We're all working to get as far and high up as we possibly can, we may or may not have a rough idea of where we want to end up, but the truth & reality is that we don't just end up somewhere, life's always an on-going journey, a set of train tracks in the vast middle of no where, with on and off stops along the way and as scary as it is, we don't know where the hell we'll be in months or years time. We can't predict it nor can we count on it, even if a path is carved in stone, it can crack, it can be covered, removed, perhaps they're might even be two of them. 

We limit ourselves by the idea 'there's too little time' and that as each year passes we analyse whether  or not it was a waste and count the years we have left to reach where we want to arrive. We get caught up in a storm of worry about where we're heading, our destination, constantly doubting if we'll ever get there. Ignorantly forgetting to live in the now, to enjoy even the small successes, the little things that happened only days ago that are all a part of your story; a promotion, a new family member, the first bloom of spring, happiness from that much needed girls night, the thrill of a concert you worked hard to get tickets for, the butterflies of a new crush. It doesn't need to be written or solely related to a job or career to be meaningful or successful and you don't need to be told that something's going right and that you deserve it, just let it happen, applaud yourself and enjoy the ride. 

Let today be an exciting day because it's here and you got up. The anticipation of the unknown will eat at you, you'll overthink and close the doors yourself, when anything is possible. So much to do and see, if we'd just stop it with doubt and simply get out there & keep working at it. Things will keep moving, you don't need to keep check on it on every second of the day; only reflect to see how far you've come but don't dwell on the details, peak out the window for a taste of excitement of what's arising but don't stare to the point you have to sit down because you're now overwhelmed. 

In a world filled rules, needed or not, don't let them or society restrict the way you do things or put pressure on your journey. Because the only boundaries are the ones we create, we created the rules, we helped shape society, our doings can be un-done or at least inspire us to change in the future. Wherever you want to be, do or say, you'll get there, but enjoy it. Don't doubt yourself because -tout est possible, the sky's the limit / anything is possible.

with love, Kat


  1. Love the message of this post! I think we forget to enjoy the things we are doing and what we are working towards sometimes, and this is a good reminder! Xx

    1. Oh completely! I've had such a manic week, forcing things too much so I get to 'that goal' in the future, rather than enjoying just producing it and what comes of it now, rather than later! xx


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