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Saturday, 25 February 2017


Influence; those who we surround ourselves with, can have the most blinded effect on us, like for many for years I never noticed it and how I changed with certain people and just how much of a pushover I also was. Sometimes we don't see how others dim our light, they don't clap at our successes and expect us to bow down to theirs, yet they still seem to support and love you but only when it suits them. 

I think we all struggle to see our worth, especially growing up, sometimes we don't think we deserve more than what's been our norm and reality for years and years. If a friend has treated you a certain downgrading, one-sided way and been the way they are since the day you met moons ago and you say 'it's normal, it's just how our friendship is', it's not. The people around you should have your best interests at heart, support & encourage you, not laugh at what they don't understand, most of all they should pull the magic out of you. They should blow away the clouds blocking the light on the days you feel down and cannot fathom enough hope or energy to do so yourself.

Of course no-ones perfect, not every relationship or friendship will tick every box and turn water into wine, but the respect goes both ways. The affect of those around us, reflects in our behaviour, our happiness, willpower and morale. The more someone tells you or even hints in their own expressions that you're not good enough, you naturally start to believe it, especially if they are a so-called friend. 

Your happiness & your mental health, is so damn important, and a big factor of it is your little bubble and the aura and people who fit into it. There's nothing wrong with cutting the leash loose on some, letting go or taking some time-out. You don't want someone to burn you out and run you into the ground, we're all fragile, we're all human - the small things hurt; rejection, whispers, even a disapproving glance shakes our self worth. I want to feel wild and also tamed with those around me, that I can open up and say something ridiculous without the fear or disapproval from them. I want fun, honesty and support, shared interests and contrasts so I can learn new things about a soul and world I don't personally connect with but want to understand. If you don't have that, but want it, it's down to you and your bubble. Adjust it, reach out to new people, be what you want and you'll attract likeminded and sensitively curious people. Be the influence you want to be influenced by, that you want to be around. Take risks but be weary and take care of who you let into your special world, you're worth mountains more than your mind and certain others let you think and those who see that will be there clapping and cheering you on even when it isn't required. 

with love, Kat



  1. "I want to feel wild and also tamed with those around me" - oh how I love that! That sums up exactly how I want to feel. xxx

    1. Doesn't it! It's like I want to feel and be spontaneous with others and just within myself, but I love feeling at ease, relaxed, grounded and so on! xxx

  2. Love this post, you look so effortlessly beautiful and you are so right about how important your happiness is! xx

    Lauren Rose:

    1. Thank you gorgeous! It really is, above anything else! We've only got one life!
      P.s. loving your blog!


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