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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Slipping a bracelet through my existing hoops in hope of creating an extravagant 90's fashion accessory, finding antique leaf earrings after scavenging through my mums old jewellery boxes and admiring quaint simple studs; a tale of I and my taste in jewellery. 

There are days I find even a fine ring too much, the weight of gold or metal weighs me down, it feels as though it overpowers me, there's just too much stuff on that it's overwhelming, so I keep it simple. No accessories. Nothing. 

I'm more likely to be romanticised by rings and pendants bought second hand or found at a market, than new jewellery pieces copy and pasted along inside the high street stores, cue the eye roll at the hefty prices. Perhaps I'm just cheap and undeniably fussy. Nonetheless, here are a few pieces I've role-fully played around with. 

with love, Kat


  1. Your blog has such a unique aesthetic and voice! Love these vintage classic vibes! xxx

    1. Thank you! That means a lot lovely, because I've got such a love-hate relationship with it, I struggle without a photographer for street style shots sometimes, so when I have to do it indoors I'm never sure I like it and that they're good enough! xx


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