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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I apologise for the pun, but thanks to Raid footwear, I've been blessed with the perfect pair of shoes that I've not been able to find in a long time. I used to be awful, truly awful when it came to purchasing footwear years ago, I couldn't give a damn if they were going to torture my feet and not be worn for more than an hour, or even if I'd wear them just once. This became one of the most wasteful things, fashion wise, I'd gotten into the habit of. There was no investment or genuine interest in what I spent my precious, limited cash on. It was impulsive and greedy, so over the years I'm glad I have become more selective with what I purchase, my style is ever-changing, but there are certain things I'm far more likely to buy than some and comfort is something that certainly adds to my decision. 

I cannot fret enough just how perfect these heeled pumps are, to me anyway. Firstly and undeniably they are absolutely beautiful, just utterly pleasing to the eye. The heel is also spot on, with enough height to feel you're standing tall, but short enough to spend the day walking. Secondly, they are just such a good fit, comfortable and solid, miraculously I have not gotten a dreaded blister wearing these for hours. With pumps they always rub on my feet some way or another, these don't. How? No clue, it's like they were tailored perfectly for me. 

An almost tailored pair of faux leather heeled pumps, for day and night, rain or sun, dressy or plain; they're a pair of shoes you can't go wrong with. 

Thank you to Raid for gifting me with these heavenly shoes. 

with love, Kat



  1. LOVE these photos and those shoes are gorgeous! xxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous! I'm obsessed with them!! xxx


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