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Monday, 10 April 2017


the outfit

I'm surprised when people only wear an outfit or piece of clothing once, I can't do it, it feels wasted and greedy. Of course there are certain items we fall so in love with despite the usage we'd get out of them, or if it is for a specific occasion, so perhaps it holds meaning, but like this polka dot tea dress, it is a gem I'll never tire of. The fit is a dream, the flared ends of the sleeves are a favourite feature along with the the slight cleavage and tie around the neck. It's bold, but also basic and I have absolutely no intention of wearing it any less than I do.

on my mind

Letting go; it's never been the simplest of things, it can feel forced and un-natural and can be merely needed rather than desired. Over the years I've learned, then re-learned, that you're never quite prepared for the moment when you realise you have to let go of that rope you're so dearly clutching onto. The moment when your exhaustion wins and senses heighten and you realise that to let go, you'll have to accept that you'll feel the hurt and heaviness of the hole left inside of you, so very deeply. You'll grieve, no matter how quietly you do, how much you try to ignore it, you will, and rather than feeling strong with the decision and step you've taken, you'll feel weak, you'll question it for days, if it were the right thing to do. 

It's gut wrenching, the thought that even our greatest comforts, our treasured surroundings and company, they don't stay the same. We all want them too, because we're afraid it'll never be as good as it was if we let go. We're afraid to take that journey again, to endure all the ache and anxiety of something new, to risk the possibility of the same outcome, the same disappointment and sadness. 

Some things never leave you, you move on yet they stay with you like a ghost in the night, but over time I promise you, it won't be your first thought in the morning and it won't be your last before you shut your eyes at night. The heartache sometimes will linger, but you'll still be able to stand on your feet, you'll soon enough be springing in your step rather than dragging yourself around, all whilst embracing what you thought was a hole, was actually space, space you needed to flourish, to water and let bloom, space you needed to feel, in order to breathe and offer a fresh perspective. 

The truth is, it takes a lot to let go; every ounce of strength you have in you, all the tears and nights spent over-thinking, goes into, perhaps a very simple thing, to say bye. It's hard enough to know people leave and stories end, but to then have to be the one to take that control and to move forward, it's not easy. When one ends, appreciate the memories and lessons taught, then go on with grace, think less and feel more. Don't be afraid, you're doing great. 

with love, Kat

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  1. These photos are truly beautiful, and so is the writing - 'Don't be afraid, you're doing great', I really needed to read that! xxx


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