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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


One of my favourite things, is that afternoon light, more evident in the last photograph, it's a sign that the day is winding down, rousing me to slow down and wander the dimmed, more peaceful streets of town. Honestly I'm not quite mastering the pastel coloured florals, a favourable Springtime trend, whether or not it's me I'm not so sure, I've kept my neutral colour palette the same, with basic cuts in the style of flares and a bodysuit, topping it off with a statement blazer. I had started to over-think my outfit selection in the last few days, so I went back to basics, to the comfortable but still confident level of style I adore, a touch of simplicity.

I don't feel this look sits within any one season, but perhaps more a certain City or character; the type that wonders the damp cobbled streets, flicking through worn and torn classic books, later meeting a group of pals for an evening of wine and laughter on the rooftops of Europe.

Sometimes the outfit is inspired, other times it inspires us, evokes a new personality or muse to be; we can be whoever we want to dress up as, for just a day or night, or more.

with love, Kat

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  1. I love the way you describe this - I love the idea that your outfit evokes a character! (Ps, you look gorgeous as always!) xxx


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