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Saturday, 6 May 2017


We all come across limitations, whether they're physical, mental, genuine or just excuses from ourselves or others, they're there and are the roadblocks we encounter as we journey through life. Perhaps a lot of the time we're too doubtful and overwhelmed to see clearly, too blinded to see that we still have endless options and paths to take when all else fails. We compare the route or structure another has, we read the unwritten rules of society and ladders to climb, instantly narrowing what's out there for us, through fear and scepticism. It's the anticipation that kills our creativity to find as many solutions as possible, the apprehension of everything you do, questioning it all over and over again till you decide against it or complicate it unnecessarily. The worry this inflicts upon us, stress even sadness, isn't worth it when you realise no matter what, you have more control than you know and a world full of opportunities to find and also make. 

Life is full of surprises, we know that, but why don't we risk surprising ourselves more, rather than letting it happen to us? Taking that leap of faith, unlocking a dusty door leading to where no one has ventured yet, standing outside the line where no-one else is stood? There's that underlying need for protection around us, growing up we had school, we had a community around us, things to do and learn, yet we still believed anything was possible. I think we lose that spark of spontaneity when we are let out into the free world; overwhelmed by endless prospects, that most of us may start out conventionally, perhaps we are so afraid of failure now that we don't have four walls around us that, we choose the safest, or most guided route available to us, despite whether or not it's what we truly want.

Remember there's not only one way, one approach or solution. You can always find another, if you look, if you try and re-invent.

Trial & error, always. 

You fall down, you get back up - ladders broken? Try a lift, an elevator... a rope? Even if it's makeshift, bizarre or abstract, there's always another way or route.

Never forget everyones on different chapters of their lives, some are ahead, behind, not moved on quite yet, we're all working to our own timescale, as we should; we shouldn't be having to race another, keep up with anyone else, or society. You don't have to be married with kids by 30, or have any of your shit together, you don't have to stay put in that job or that specific career subject. Edit your life, try anew, you hold the paintbrush.

We have so much movement and so much space for change, that the moment you widen your perspective, question things and realise the amount of control you have, you feel a little more free. Suddenly doors peer open, our curiosity rises and slowly we're no longer scared. In anything, there's always a way, keep going.

with love, Kat


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  1. I needed this! "You fall down, you get back up" <3 PS/ you look gorgeous! xxx


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