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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Lately a lot of comments on my Instagram have been compliments on my hair, which is so lovely but I've got to admit, I literally don't do a lot with it, I wash it, brush it, then using thick tongs I curl it and then leave it. I'm lucky to have thick, long hair, that falls in its own and many ways, so I can just leave it however. Honestly my talents do not include my hair, really, I mean really I'm the worst at caring for it as well as styling it such as the basics like plaiting, I even loathe doing it on others, even a ponytail that satisfies me is hard to construct. The density of my hair is too much, that putting it up means it's just a frustrating wait till it falls back down and I look like I ironically haven't bothered. Though perhaps my laziness, impatience and unwillingness to use grips, hairspray and all sorts of hair accessories to help ensure the stability of the style, lets me down.

A few weeks ago, completely out of character and decided within a split second, I cut a large chunk off the ends of my hair. For the first time in a long time, the neglect of care had seemingly taken it's toll on my long locks. I woke up to horrifically dry ends, quite a few inches on the bottom, never had it ever been that bad. I mean it was awful, I quite dramatically gasped out load at 7.a.m. I simply had been using too much heat, due to styling, I'd even re-style my hair on top of what I'd previously done, because I'd  been in a rush and I wouldn't give my hair at least a day or two to breathe without any product or heat on it. It was a wake up call, so I snapped off the unfortunate straw-like ends, and slavered my locks in oils. It's a temporary quick fix, but to ensure long term effects on your hair, weekly treatments must follow & they have done, which is how and why I am back at it with the curling wand. However, I thought I'd shoot my go to trying-to-look-like-I've-made-an-effort hairstyles  all with no heat! 

with love, Kat


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