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Monday, 11 December 2017


It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

How can it not be when our takeaway coffee cups have turned festive red, when the air smells like pine and our towns streets have been rinsed with decorations and blinded by lights & is there anything warmer than the feeling you get when you walk into a store and the good old classic Christmas songs are on. You see, I'm never sad when Summer ends, because I know the seasons are about to start changing in such a visually pleasing way and there always seems to be something going on until after the New Year. I think each time I underestimate how much it overwhelms me, just how manic the festive months truly are; whether it's work, gift-shopping or simply trying to fill up your social calendar with as much festivities as possible, it all get's a little too much as we try to conclude our year the best we can. 

Without realising it, as the curtains close in December, consciously we're trying to round up our life in 2017 in the most unrealistic ways, rather than just easing into January with a hell of a hangover. We're trying to achieve the perfect ending, however your year has gone, there's such a want and need to go out with a bang, have everything done and dusted, so we have a perfectly clean slate for the New Year. It's a time when we want to completely re-fresh, finally let go of old wounds and grudges, opening up space in our lives and hearts for all that's better to come our way in the near future. I love this concept, I think it's a strong notion that we are inspired around this time of the year to makes changes and reflect on what's gone by in anticipation for the future, for the most part it's a healthy thing to practice, however at times I think it all becomes a little too obsessive; we completely overexert ourselves and end up gaining more stress regardless of how much we're trying to sort and let go of.

We try our best all year round and to then get so caught up in the whirlwind of this calendar year ending, literally as if we're about to attend it's funeral, we forget to take a breath and remember that however we end this year isn't going to determine how the next goes, of course there's nothing wrong with wanting to go in with smiles all around, work prepared and drama left behind - but all I'm saying is if everything goes tits up, you can still start again on January the 2nd or any damn day for the matter, even if you don't have anything extravagant going on over the festive eves, doesn't mean you'll never have a night like it soon, just on a different date is all.

In a perfect world, we'd all be kissing strangers at midnight or under the mistletoe, 

or have a rooftop party to attend, followed by a 2.a.m. night time walk where the snow candidly falls,  but you see there's no right or wrong way to draw the curtains closed and it really isn't the end of the world when the year ends.

with love, Kat


  1. OK, first of all, you look incredible. Second of all, I couldn’t agree more with this! We put sooo much pressure on ourselves to leave the year on some amazing high, when in reality, a New Year’s Day is literally just another day. We need to take each day as it comes.

    Amazingly written Kat xxx

    1. Thanks so much gorgeous! I've taken things a lot slower, at my own pace, but still constantly moving and I feel a lot more grounded!! xxxx

  2. This is really amazing and I couln't agree with you more. Your writing is incredible! ♥


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