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Friday, 13 April 2018


what i'm wearing

button up red floral print dress from new look

We're all feeling it, the grey overcast ambience that stretches over days at a time, that suddenly coffee doesn't feel so sweet anymore, just needed to be had like a daily chore. I'm in the process of booking a flight home for in a few weeks, which gives me a gentle boost, a pulse of excitement and a knack for cracking on with life until then. I'm grateful and fortunate to have been to a variety of wonderful places growing up, from having a home in two countries, indulging in foreign heat every summer, the meeting of completely different people and being motivated by the authentic, non-materialistic lifestyle of certain places; I definitely feels it's contributed to not being able to see myself settling in one particular town, not just anytime soon, but for a long while. This would once worry me, making me feel overly unsettled, that I'll be swaying from place to place, slightly lost and disoriented as to where home is for me. Yet now that's shifted into something that's made me even more eager to just explore, to stop worrying about settling and go and be wherever feels right for right now. You see, I'm not good at staying put for too long, I get fidgety and suffer from a huge loss of inspiration, that ends with me putting a lot of content and plans on hold, I get stuck and far too often. Maybe that frustration of feeling stuck is what leaves me wanting to linger freely, either way it's a good drive for adventure. Right?

with love, Kat


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos Kat!

    I totally feel you on this! I'm currently obsessed with getting out of my little small village and travelling into cities!

    I'm ready to see new things - not staying put! xxx


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