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Monday, 9 April 2018


what i'm wearing

button up crop top from missguided and karen millen belted trousers

I like seeing raindrops on cobwebs, hanging from branches, as the delicate light hits it, it feels like a calmness in woods is being slowly restored; sudden bursts of sunlight, that as you gently close your eyes, the pace of the world around you dances a certain stillness. Any sensation as such transcends me back to a time of innocence, nights without worry and days filled uninterrupted hope, I hold those close. The more experienced and exposed we get as we grow, that purity disappears like fluff in the wind. So here are a few other...

little things that i like

Dainty cobbled streets, with it's dimmed streetlights and small tables with friends huddled all around, their laughter and loudness, that feels so warm.

Freshly cut grass on a slow summers morning.

Forehead kisses. So tender and sweet.

Candlelit tables in mood lit restaurants, that feel like romance and a weekend in Paris.

The warmth of the wind as it blows across the long dry grass just slightly after noon.

The smell of fresh bread, little cakes and strong coffee.

Stretching in bed, on your freshly washed covers that feel the perfect temperature, you could lay there all day.

When someone talks with so much spirit and lust for the things that interest them, it's beautiful.

Silky dresses, lace bras.

Tight, prolonged hugs when you really need them.

Live blues music in the corner of a bar.


Old black and white photographs from the dusty boxes that have been hidden away in the attic.

with love, Kat


  1. For some reason, this blog post is so simple but it made me smile so much. I kept reading and was like yup love that too. It's crazy how the little things are sometimes as powerful as strong as feelings. I love when someone isable to talk with passion about the things they love the most too, you can tell by their eyes and how they move and it's just electric. Another great post my love, wish we could indeed have one long talk with coffeeeeeee and fresh croissants. Lots of love always.

  2. Okay, once again, you're killing it in these photos! BEAUTIFUL

    Plus, what an absolutely lovely post!

    It's all about the little things xxx


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