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Friday, 14 March 2014

L'Oreal Infallible 24hr stay fresh foundation | review

Do you ever get tired of having to use multiply concealers and foundations, just to get an even facial coverage...? Well a few weeks ago I purchased the L'Oreal infallible 24hr stay fresh foundation. I didn't have any high expectations to what the results would be, but I was happily shocked and excited when I first used it and had complete even coverage all over my face! I had put any concealer on before hand, and after applying the foundation I didn't need to go over it with concealer or more foundation! The only thing I did apply after was mineral powder.
I use the '125 Natural Rose' which suits my skin tone nearly perfectly. (I'm olive skin toned, tanned in summer and pale the rest of the year!). I have been using this foundation for a month and a bit now and still have a lot left! In fact it still feels and appears to be very full! The reason why I haven't run out yet is because you don't actually need to use too much of the foundation, as even the smallest bit is a lot of coverage!
The reason I recommend this product is because of the obvious things such as the amazing coverage in one go and of course the fact it is long lasting, but also I've never personally been a fan of foundation because it's always felt so heavy and caused me to have lot's of breakouts... I always just used concealer and powder, or more recently before this foundation I used 'Garnier BB cream', which has always been just as good but didn't have as much coverage and needed topping up constantly. Whereas with this infallible foundation by L'Oreal it shockingly doesn't feel heavy at all! And I luckily haven't had any breakouts!

If I have convinced you enough with my magical powers... You can purchase this product from different super drug stores and sites, such as Boots (£12.29), feelunique (£10.45) and Superdrug (£12.29).
To make your life easier I have linked the three sites/stores below that will direct you straight to the product!





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