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Inspired by the beloved 60's fashion, the soft pastel blue knit from Primark paired with last years Zara polka dot mini skirt, gives off that subtle retro style, with the off-white Zara boots tying the look together, creating a more obvious connection to the 60's, topped off a longline vintage black coat, more than appropriate for the Autumn/Winter months. 

I turn the mind-boggling age of 21 next month, my thoughts aren't clear on how I feel regarding this, not that I am in any need or requirement to feel anything of such. Perhaps throwing out the idea that my age as a number will define me throughout life, has left my view on how to perceive my birthday differently. Right now I am just looking forward to having an excuse to dress up more than usual and getting extravagantly drunk on the night and few days surrounding the day I came kicking and screaming into the world. 

It's plastered everywhere that our twenties are bound to be an absolute great mess. Beautifully and tragically. Trying to get a grasp on whatever the fuck adult life is, realising how little we know of the most basic tasks and how truly ridiculous the world really is. Ironically we arrive at many conclusions and observations yet are left still with many other questions to tackle. Everything is just on-going, ever-changing, confusing, fulfilling and heartbreaking, but then again that's what makes life, life. The stories we're left with years from now, are all created through an abundant mess of mistakes, trial & errors, tears, laughter and experience, so I guess all the chaos endured makes a rich life story to share one day. 

the things I've learnt lately 

you must treat these years selfishly, you do you and be unapologetic for it.

The most common advice regarding our twenties, is this. Your twenties are your selfish years, we're young, the most free we've ever been and not fully settled yet. Enjoy, thrive, don't give too many fucks.

you have to get over other peoples opinions of you.

Something I struggle with hugely. I think we all do, don't we? It's human nature to want affection and acceptance from others, of course at times it'll bring us reassurance and comfort, but lately more than ever, I realise that constantly worrying for another ones approval or justification, holds me back and shatters my self worth. As long as you're kind, doing your own thing and happy, fuck what anyone else thinks, it literally does not matter. 

be proud of yourself.

Everyone's going down their own route, especially in their twenties, so it's easy to feel alienated on different paths to another, to have mis-understandings and differences you can't connect over. Life becomes a tough crowd and you end up having to be your own cheerleader now and then, which most definitely isn't a bad thing, it's hard at times, but I believe can fuel your own personal passion and journey of self love.

you'll regret not doing it, more than doing it.

I overthink exceedingly well, I am honestly the biggest obstacle when deciding whether or not to go for something. I don't know my own strengths enough, I don't let myself, so I deeply regret not going for things, realising it really wouldn't have been so bad if I just went for it. (Plus things always get easier the next time round).

at the end of the day, it's all down to you.

Plain and simple, no one is going to get your shit done for you. Want something? Go figure out how to make it happen, take the steps, put yourself out there and your plans into action. 

I suppose it all sounds very singular, perhaps lonely as well, but that is not the way it's meant, overall it's just about holding your own, because these years are unpredictable as British weather, you'll be thrown over and under by others and the curveballs of life, that most days it's down to solely you to keep going, fighting your corner and making shit work. Don't look at it as daunting, but empowering. 

with love, Kat



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It's true, we all know it, but accepting it is harder. Without realising it, most of the time we unknowingly seek validation from others, rather than having confidence in ourselves that what we're doing ok, on the right track, that we were indeed right or are a good person. We leave it to others to have faith in us, because it's too much of a gamble trusting ourselves to do so, perhaps so we won't feel guilt and worn out when something goes wrong or doesn't work out.

The trouble is when this becomes so normal and common for you, the second you have something good going and someone doubts it, you crumble. You're hurt, disheartned, full of conflicting thoughts and feelings, you lose any shred of faith and hope you even had in yourself because of someones opinion whos you so dearly respect, which doesn't actually have any effect of the situation itself, only you internally. 

I know I'm 100% guilty of getting myself down whilst seeking validation from another. I worry too much of their opinion, their grasp of what I do, how I go by day to day, the decisions I make or how I feel and it's absolutely ruthless on my mindset. It's even harder when it's from someone close to you. See, I don't like people having misconceptions about me, so I'm constantly out of breathe explaining myself to a brick wall half the time because others simply don't get it. 

Your way isn't everyone else's way

...we all function differently, our experiences have changed us all in unique ways, we all come from different walks of life, it's no surprise ourselves and others don't always instantly hop on board the ship of understanding, and as much as it's natural a lot of the time to want the support and criticism of another, that you'd expect to lead to more confidence and drive, realistically you really don't need it from anyone but yourself. Someone else's two cents on you and your life, in all honesty means shit, it really does because as long as you have a strong mindset, another persons judgement doesn't alter your decisions in the slightest, unless you let it

Your life is yours and you got this.

with love, Kat

 what I'm wearing 

oversized V-neck cropped jumper from New Look, baby boot mid-rise black jeans from Gap & black mini bag from Jack Wills.

It's time for that annual, I can't contain my excitement for Autumn & Winter ramble, because really I'm very very excited. Perhaps as I look back, even to just 6 months ago, my own growth internally, mentally and so on, is huge. It's incredible and emotional to think just how time really does help heal and just how much things have changed in that long or short amount. Very slowly things have picked up, even now more than ever; sticking to my guns and assessing & editing life frequently, is most definitely starting to pay off. I'm socially thriving, breaking boundaries I shouldn't ever have set up, my own optimism is constantly there, greeting me well most days; Like I've read others state, September is more of a time to reflect and go on like it's a new year, rather than January itself, which is something I've embraced fully. 

There's something about Autumn in Britain that I love, granted we don't have predictable or guaranteed summers, so it's easier and more normal for us to adapt to enjoy the colder, darker days, that's not to say we don't constantly complain. A roasting fire, hot cups of tea and coffee, spiced beverages and Sundays roasts, yes you're smiling at the comforting feeling of such days ahead. Let's not overlook sunny but ice-cold, frosty mornings, beautifully scenic rainy cobbled streets and late afternoons spent in cosy country pubs that are scattered all around. It's the feeling it evokes around this time of year, tradition perhaps? Is it just what we're like over here? Either way, I feel there's so much to look forward to, endless birthdays, festivities, the changing colours, drop of the leaves, our beloved crappy Saturday night television. Summer can happen all year round, the weather is always happening somewhere in the world to go and enjoy, but I feel here the last few months of the year, the whole fiasco of it, only happens once. 

"life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

f.scott fitzgerald

with love, Kat

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