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    I can't seemingly sum up my profession in a mere word or two. I write, photograph, style, paint and explore, I just yearn to create. That is what I do, I create, whether it's through words, image or film, this site is a documentation of just that. You'll find editorial pieces, short stories, vintage finds and secret getaways all here, not just of fashion but of literature, art and history too. Don't be a stranger & I hope you enjoy my content. With love, Kat

    Will there ever be a year where we don't mutter what the fuck was this shit? I don't think so. Something is always bound to happen, be it politics, personal matters, work or relationships, it'll always be down to you to personally to weigh up the good and bad, to determine how your year went. In all honestly, my year was going ok, I was forever the optimist, when things went far downhill, it was ok, it's just life, I'll learn and keep going. Work has kicked off in comforting way this year, finally, I kind of feel like I am actually getting somewhere, however of course, right as the year is coming to an end, in the last week, my world has pretty much shattered, the future's a little uncertain in ways that are out of my control and my hearts quite broken. I couldn't really have anticipated it, but that's life.

    I stand by taking it day by day and remembering that 'your problems will still be your problems tomorrow', so have a drink and go to bed, worry another day and rest for now. I swore by this in College, when the work load was too much and at 2a.m. I had to stop, but I was never really stressed then getting to sleep, because I'd tell myself, you can finish it tomorrow but only if you rest now. Smart, yeah? Sort of, at the end of the day I did get it all done, got good grades so cheers to me. It's crazy how I still apply those tactics now day to day and especially for dealing with my anxiety. Its worked a treat, I'm keeping my cool and managing myself through the changing climates. I've spent more time than I ever have before, investing in myself this year, building a career, taking chances, branching out and building a life, for me. You see, I worry too much, to the point I collapse in bed from stress, but through remembering all that I'm doing, all I'm doing for myself and knowing I'll always have that; the strength and determination to create and go on no matter what happens, sure I'll still be affected by the storms that'll still come, but I'll always have me. 

    . Wednesday, 27 November 2019 .

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    . Tuesday, 1 October 2019 .

    The pieces I'm curating for my wardrobe for this season. 

    I've been inspired for a while now, I've known what I like and what I know I won't be adding to my wardrobe. Being more conscious of how much I'm buying is very much on the forefront of my mind - which is why it's taken me a little longer to piece this post together as well as shop, considering September is over and done with, it's now that I'm getting closer to clicking buy. My poor bank account.

    For me, it's all about the subtle statement pieces, a beautiful shoulder bag, that no matter what I've slapped on it ties a look or my sweats (yep) together a little more. I invested in a beautiful black coat last year from Monki, a brand I adore and constantly keep an eye on their new in section, and I can't tell you how smug I am that I know I'll have it in my wardrobe for at least another 2 - 4 years. It's not hard to do so, as long as you're taking care of your clothing. That's one big Autumn/Winter wardrobe basic already sorted, but I won't lie, I've not been able to steer my eyes away from the beautiful Mango, Tote Me and The Curated camel coats, I'm really hoping to get my hands on the one from Mango, again to last a few years, not just for the trends. It's a hefty investment for me, but somewhat a standard price for a good coat, I'm trying to rationalise and not hyperventilate over the big soon-to-be dent in my bank account, but I want it, I need it, (nope, no one does, but - fashion -). Now what's an A/W wardrobe without a good knit, why wouldn't you, it's cold, it's England, sigh, I doubt I need to explain more, but also a good pair of boots, no, not for hiking or long Winter walks in the country, I shamelessly want them for fashion. A blazer might however seem a bit brave for British weather, even in the Autumn, but they're perfect for layering and an all year round essential which makes it a far more practical option when investing and not feeling as guilty. They're effortlessly chic, which I like to feel with some of the horror that comes out of my mouth, Arket's collection currently has me drooling, one day. One day. 

    Below are some of the things I've been heart eyed over, what are you most wanted pieces this season? Are you being a lot more conscious with your purchases, if so how? I'd love to know. Chat away below!

    Baguette bag - Mango, £29.99

    unstructured wool-blend coat - Mango, £119.99

    drawstring culottes - Mango, £35.99

    Croc-heel boots - Mango, £59.99
    shop here

    Ribbed top - Mango, £15.99
    shop here *

    Wool Flannel blazer - ARKET, £150
    shop here *

    Stone ring set - Mango, £15.99
    shop here *

    Croc-effect bag - Mango, £19.99
    shop here *

    stone pendant ring - & Other Stories, £17

    cropped sweatshirt - Zara, £9.99

    fringed edge scarf - Mango, £19.99

    Wool-blend trousers - H&M, £79.99

    hoop earrings - Mango, £12.99

    filip checked suit jacket - Weekday, £80

    Melton Wool Belted coat - ARKET, £175

    Baguette bag - Mango, £19.99

    Organic wool-blend sweater - Mango, £79.99

    Any items marked * are affiliate links which allow me to earn a small commission if you buy through them, at no extra cost to you! It does not effect my opinions in any way!
    . Monday, 26 August 2019 .

    Kind of. Not really. Would you call this a date? So I stumbled through the heat, into town, to run an errand, a quick one that could have had me home within the hour, but instead I wondered into a cafe, with a craving for an oat latte, with vanilla I must add. Initially on my way out, I'd asked a friend if they'd meet me, trying to somewhat make the most of having to pop out the house, but for once I didn't sulk at the idea of getting coffee alone. Ok. It's not ground breaking, however I've non-stop heard a tactic of self love, is taking yourself out alone, treating yourself, alone, I've tried before and tried again, nope - I didn't like it. I didn't feel any better, perhaps only a little lonelier. 

    I'm not sure what changed this time, the glorious sunshine raining down on me, the overwhelming sad news that's come my way forcing a humble appreciation for the small things, I don't know. All I know is I found myself getting a coffee to go, without breaking a sweat of anxiety, then heading up the hill for a walk in the park. I found a spot at the top, I sat, I let go. I relaxed and enjoyed the heat and the quietness. My mind didn't go into an overdrive of harsh thoughts or worries, it probably thanked me for once, for doing something simple at the time it needed it. It felt unforced, natural and gave me butterflies in a way I felt released rather than sick with nerves, I ended up walking a longer way home, so I had more time to stretch my legs and move my body, which I've always found helps me relax more in the evenings. 

    People always encourage you to spend time on your own, I've been one to advise that now and then, but it's not always easy; I've spent too much time on my own, for many months that resulted in isolation that was so hard to pull myself out of, I lost my appreciation for spending time with others, I didn't know how to enjoy leaving the house, no surroundings perked me up - I closed myself off, I didn't allow anything to penetrate, I thought I was simply 'safe' at home, alone. This was all due to my darkest months battling the worst of my anxiety, I felt so lonely, alone, but so lonely, with others. I lost the balance, if there is such a thing. Fast forward a few years later, I enjoy my alone time, but I don't always want or need it and that's ok. I'll then have days filled with faces, ringing with laughter, a body tired but time well spent in the day, then there could be a few hours in the day where I need to sit in a quiet corner of the house in my own bubble, just to breathe with myself a little. There are times I've found myself needing that alone time, perhaps wanting a walk in the park alone, but my mind and body wouldn't align and allow it to happen, even if I'd gone on one, how I'd been feeling isn't fixed perhaps it's worsened, but again, that's ok. 

    So I took myself for a coffee and a walk in the park. It was lovely. It's won't always be this perfect outing that makes me feel strong and sure of myself, it'll leave me feeling awkward, a little bored and a little more lonely, but that's ok, on some days it's sunny and you miss the cosiness of the rain, on some days it's rainy and you miss the warmth on your skin. 

    . Monday, 19 August 2019 .

    There's a coolness in the air, with the curtains now drawing much earlier in the day, hinting at the end of another British summertime. Amongst the panic, I don't feel too sad, it's been lovely and the season will come again soon, but for the first time in a long time, I feel exactly where I'm supposed to be, I'm content with that and have a much more polished outlook on my strengths and what I want out of the next few months. 

    You see, it's been a while since I've properly shot a premeditated shoot for my blog and I've missed it. Doubt and my own road blocks put it to a halt, but it feels now, more than ever, is the perfect to get back into it. So I stopped sulking into my bland filter coffees, switched to a warm almond latte (hot milk and a shot of espresso, nothing too extravagant) and dived into believing that I deserved to have good opportunities come my way. This meant I needed to get on with it and not hold back shooting content, contacting brands, because of my anticipation there was no point, I'd question if I even deserved the time of day. For so long I'd admire others from the distance and be in awe at the things they were achieving, I'd think, yes I want that, that'll be me. That was a little naive. Very in fact. How could I ever expect grand things, if deep down I didn't truly believe it happen for me and therefore simply settle for that fact. It holds you back in ways that don't always show on the surface. You subtly accept the fact you've reach your peak, I'm 22 there is no way that could ever be true; I've hardly scratched the surface of my life if anything. 

    It's never been a case of lack of ambition, but more so the self doubt in climbing the steps. It's taken me time to have consistency within myself, more than routine, to wake up each morning and not instantly find a negative, it's been a huge climb within my head up a rugged mountain, gasping for air every few steps, to re-wire my outlook. I speak of it a lot. Talking helps, the long walks, randomly in the evening with my closest friends, is a way to breathe. It sounds dramatic, but you don't realise the build up of stress in your mind and physically in your body when you hold it in. A healthy outlet of constant relief is good, it's needed when everything around us, has us convinced our shit must be in order. It'll never be, it's not supposed to be. Messy is just a part of life, it shuffles us around, after all we're not supposed to stay in one place forever. 

    I like the mess of trying, battling my way through different outlooks, because finally it all works out that you end up with the best of the best, I hope that's the case for as many of us as possible; and when we're there, we' bloom. The pieces fall into place. I guess that's how I'm feeling right now, the view outside the window is a little clearer, my mind a little calmer. 

    outfit details 

    trench coat gap (old), similar here
    mules find, shop here on amazon
    bag is vintage louis vuitton