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    I can't seemingly sum up my profession in a mere word or two. I write, photograph, style, paint and explore, I just yearn to create. That is what I do, I create, whether it's through words, image or film, this site is a documentation of just that. You'll find editorial pieces, short stories, vintage finds and secret getaways all here, not just of fashion but of literature, art and history too. Don't be a stranger & I hope you enjoy my content. With love, Kat

    *I do not own any of these images, they can all be found credited here on Tumblr and Pinterest

    I've never been one for posting my mood boards, I assume to just leave my Pinterest and Tumblr, my two prime sources of inspiration, as social links on my blog; however I always find myself coming across others and seeing it as an even more simplified version of the abundance of art and inspiration out there, that makes for surprisingly good content. Like most of us creatives, we find ourselves in a rut, quite frequently, with endless cups of caffeine making it's way into our blood, we let the hours go by with doubt and stress. You can't force great ideas and inspiration from no where and sometimes something, but what you can do is indulge in finding some great pieces out there you simply like, then perhaps the dominos will fall and you're then smack bang in the middle of wondrous ideas and a new lease of creativity. 


    My style in photography has changed a lot since the days I first picked up my camera many (many) years ago, I'm thankful for all the experimentation and the support of others from the early days of perhaps pretty crap focus and editing. My best shots, more recently, that I've felt my most fulfilled taking, is in the striking afternoon sunlight, forcing glorious shadowing and gleaming shines. The warm tones that the light oozes, is nostalgic to many years of slow summer days. For me warmth is a mood all year round. 


    Bright white, scared me. It did, it was too clean, too definite, for the lack of better description. Off-white is a match made in heaven, it's laid back demure, but classic elegance, it fits all styles, from smart to bohemian. I believe you can bulk it up with one or two similar colours, whites, beiges etc, with a variation of shapes, silhouettes and textures, and nothing feels the same, it always is different and creative. 

    My creative inspiration heavily falls onto my mood, my ideal mood, a mood. It's about a feeling, a lifestyle more than anything. That's where my creativity brews and aches. To me, the photos selected above, they're calming, a comfort but an edge too. 

    Let me know if this is a series of blog posts you'd like to see continue, it'll always be set out slightly different, they'll be another soon, perhaps more art or architecture based. Any way loves, bye for now.  

    . Tuesday, 9 April 2019 .

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    . Monday, 8 April 2019 .

    Introducing Beigic, a brand that sure looks utterly pleasing and wholesomely inviting, but also doesn't disappoint with the products themselves and feels completely luxurious, as if you have the spa treatment right there in the comfort of your own home. Inspired by the colour beige and influenced by the warmth of everyday sunlight, it's a brand dedicated to being clean and honest, from they're plant based, fair trade ingredients - to the transparency behind their moral of avoiding the use of parabens, drying alcohols, dyes, silicones and synthetic fragrances. This is everything and more I admire and look for when looking to invest in a new brand.

    For the last year I've not had very problematic skin, however with the harsh change in seasons all around, my skin can become dull - it lacks it's spark and as I don't wear foundation, there's nothing in an instant to liven up my complexion. When I wanted to change my skincare/beauty regimen around, I knew it had to come from within and also my approach to what I use and why. It had to be long term.

    Throwing away my use for foundation, didn't mean an instant acceptance of natural skin, it didn't mean the blemishes and uneven complexion would settle right away, it had to breathe first - but mainly I had to look in the mirror and actually accept my face. Bare, untouched, me. It got easy, so did my mornings, so did any time I had to rush out, so therein I had to sort an organic approach to my skincare routine, this to me, meant oils oils oils, not going too overboard, but I've always adored the luxurious application of such products, it turns the evening into a light massage session and in the mornings you feel dewy and full of glow. My heart jumped finding the Beigic Regenerating Oil, the brand empathised all I was after, my skin was reaching for it. It was an instant yes, reading into the contents and benefits of the oil; it hydrates the skin, whilst leaving a nourishing glow, tightens and brightens the overall skin tone. Completely fair-trade, the green coffee beans, the key ingredient of the product, it's antioxidants and vitamin-E properties aid in the repair of sun damage - whilst the amino acids help with the elasticity and tightening of pores. It's a dream boat of ingredients such as Argan, Rosehip, Jojoba and Almond oils, all of which I've had individually, so it's an ease to have all in one place. You can learn more about the brand and the products (and others) on the site here.

    So, how's my skin over a week later? It's full of life. I'm not ignorant to the fact that change doesn't necessarily happen overnight, but the pure scent and touch of the Beigic's very own Regenerating Oil, was sublime. It felt like a treat, a need, a must - when applying, I had no doubt this would be effortless to want to apply each morning and evening and it was. My skin doesn't feel dull in the slightest and it's had reason to! From hangovers, to feeling unwell. My complexion is lighter, despite the grey days, it feels hydrated and moisturised, which I've struggled for months to get my skin back to. From the whole aesthetic of the brand, to the fair-trade, cruelty free morals, ethics and all the products themselves, it's definitely the brand to watch and invest in right away.

    Thank you to the lovely people at Beigic for gifting me with this dream product. To get your hands on the Regenerating Oil, click here.

    . Tuesday, 19 March 2019 .

    Oh what I'd give to not crumble with awkward and haziness when faced with a situation in dire need of some self confidence. It's easier, in ways, when you're on your own - bumping into someone on the streets, you've got no other to compare yourself to, you get on and converse, you don't notice your awkward self as much, you think oh that went alright, why do I always get so nervous. Yet when I'm around others, especially those who ooze charisma and confidence, I always hide behind, slightly in the shadow, all through my own fault of letting them take the lead because I know I fall far behind with my lack of confidence anyway. I'm overpowered is how I feel, but not in a malicious way.

    I was known to be a very shy kid, despite being a lively toddler - growing up I was flat out quiet. I do believe the struggles with my hearing, made me live life in my own little bubble, because quite literally that is how you feel, all in your own head, you hear your thoughts and self more than those around you. I was never taught any coping mechanisms for such disability, I did genuinely just embrace the way I was and just got on with it. It wasn't until secondary school at the age of 11, when I met one of my best friends who would miraculously help me out of my comfort zone. She was a bit of a shock to my system, I was quiet, I didn't talk much, on the other hand she was loud, lively; she was a firecracker. I think in the best way, through out the next few years, we complimented each other. She lead me out of my shell and I willingly followed, I met more people due to the little but very valuable gain in confidence, we had the best few years. If it were any different, I'm not sure I'd even be where I am today, I wouldn't change anything for the world.

    I feel I grew to a more seemingly normal level of confidence, yet today a decade later, I still struggle but in new ways. Before I wouldn't know how to not only initiate a conversation but keep it going. Now? No problem, easy. Typically, the more modern day struggle, most youngsters battle with, is comparison, but it's not always a comparison in appearance or lifestyle I stress and break over, it's personality, the natural charisma, confidence, their lack of my personal friend anxiety. It's not jealousy that this boils over, it's my own shame in my lack of confidence. I feel a sense of disappointment that I haven't got enough of it, angry that I haven't done enough in progressing towards such personality. I don't think I've ever been comfortable with just how shy I can be, it's not as bad as it once was when I was a kid, sure, but it lingers, even when I am loud and lively, it is there and will creep in when I'm next ordering coffee at a busy cafe, standing in line at the post office, or sat in the doctors room. As a little girl, I embraced it, now I'm ashamed of it. I'll tell myself get a grip, then feel mentally down and battle the underlying awkward pit in my stomach for the next 24hrs.

    I suppose I admire another's likability, their ease and candidness with people around them, at the pub, in the workplace and so on, I constantly overthink of someones opinion of me, always kicking myself afterwards that I could have said this or that, I could have spoken louder, with, yes, confidence. If there's one thing I've picked up on, is that I'm unapologetic for my personality and I, when I'm not around too closely to where I grew up. I'll too often then remember how I used to be and feel it in my gut, I'll assume it's me still, I'll forget how much I've grown. It's like certain corners haunt me, dare I say certain people too. This was proven when I went to an event at the start of this year, in central London, away from where I've always been, the confidence I there expressed, humbly, was a delight surprise, but I also didn't notice it too much, until I was told by someone else that I had been. All I felt was relaxed and professional and enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll soon embrace my quieter side, appreciate the confidence I have or learn how to deal with that slight shame I feel in the lack of it, but it's something I've had heavy on my chest for some time and not something I feel I've heard another saying other than wishing for confidence, I struggle with the shame in not having it.
    Do you?

    . Friday, 15 February 2019 .

    what i'm wearing

    short camel coat from zara, vintage jaeger black blazer, max mara trousers, primark belt and vintage bag from charity shop.

    I've been quiet, on here at least, putting my little slice of the internet behind closed doors for a few months. It wasn't a dramatic, overly heartfelt decision, I simply lacked direction once again and as someone who strives to creating quality content, I didn't want to rush and create anything less. My head was clouded, inspiration lacking, doubt creeping in at every opportunity and with the end of year always being a stressful time no matter what, I decided eh, let's take a little break and take it easy. That never meant not bothering, or giving up - I continued to re-charge and really re-focus my attention on what I want to get up each day and be eager to produce. What would I put out there, if I hadn't spent all the time scrolling, comparing and hoping, what other content have I adored and felt frustrated at because I held back doing something similar.

    Sigh, it's quite exhausting, a hard pill to swallow being held back by none other than yourself, feeling like you're so far behind when your foot is firmly on the brake. Of course we move swiftly at our own pace, hurdling through the boroughs of life, but even then we're always capable of more than we allow. These struggles for me have been back and forth; they come and go like a sunny day fiercely interrupted by disgruntled thick clouds, therein the frustration erupts slowly. You see, I know these brief unwelcome moments will come and continue you throughout life, I won't settle for it, I'll adapt, I'll accept the call for change, to grow and move on. I'll find a way to deal with it.

    The biggest and perhaps only thing that has ever truly helped me, with change and motivation in particular, is my mindset. The power it holds is extensive, behold the worry of it being wired in the wrong way, negative thoughts, unhealthy attitudes and so on. In order to flourish, you need to be hydrated and somewhat nourished inside to move forward in a reflection of such an attitude.

    So here I am, back in my little slice of pie, ready to stop holding back, taking a little more control and having little more faith. I don't think you're ever in complete know of how to tackle things, what we fully want and what's ahead, but for a little while at least we do, as I somewhat do now. I've come to know myself a little better, grown through all the personal crap weighing on my shoulders, analysed gently the routes and mantras that weren't for me. I'm better for it. I've cleared the leaves from my Winter path, making space for the much needed Spring. I'm back.

    with love, Kat