As Summer comes to an end I can't help but feel the need to re-invent myself. I'm not talking makeovers and a new me, though maybe a new look would be nice. What I want is to make sure I wake up each day, with a positive mind set and that I am full of motivation.
I think it's easy to relate to, because of the fact that we tend to have a lot of mornings where we just want to stay in bed all day, and to be perfectly honest, there is nothing wrong with that, except for when you do or feel like that 60-100% of the time!
So how exactly am I going to ensure that this motivational spurge happens…
Well, one of the main things that inspires me all the time, is Tumblr. I am always seeing beautiful photographs, quotes, stories, FOOD and all sorts. So I have taken some things and ideas off of there to help ensure that the rest of 2014 for me goes well! 

1. Start saying yes more.

I tend to turn down opportunities because I freak out and get nervous. I worry over the silliest little things, my whole outlook is negative. So I want to try and say yes more to new things and basically build my confidence a little more.

2. Healthy lifestyle.

Having a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of commitment and it's easy for some, harder for others. I have done extremely well diet wise over the last few months, by forcing myself to eat vegetables with a meal instead of chips, or something similar, I have naturally adjusted my appetite so that I don't have those unforgiving cravings I used to. I want to make sure I continue this, and the exercises I've been doing, as I must admit over the last week or so I have been lacking a bit.

3. Time management. 

 As I head into my last year at College, I worry I won't keep on top of my work, and fall behind and be stressed and unhappy. So, my solution is to organise my time effectively, e.g. If I'm set a piece of work on Tuesday, start a small amount of it when I get home that day, then try finish it within the next two days, basically just do as much work before the weekend. I had done this a few times before and it worked and was very relaxing too!

4. Clean & pretty surroundings. 

I've recently realised that when my room is messy, I get moody. Yup, that's it really, but when I'm moody, I am unmotivated, nasty and negative. So as I am all about design, I want to keep my room looking stylish and chic, so when I look around I am all like, 'This should be in Vogue…', and also keep my room and work organised! Clean room, clean mind.

5. Set goals. 

I personally think if you set yourself goals and targets, your chances of achieving them rise, because you have written down a clear aim and route.

6. Take my camera everywhere. 

I adore capturing moments. I'm bored of looking at peoples selfies, I like them… But I miss real photography. I want to go out and unexpectedly capture beauty in the strangest of ways.

7. Sleep.

I'm a typical Netflix girl. I stay up for hours at night/morning on Skype to my best friend Hannah, whilst we are both watching films, or Gossip Girl… But I need to start getting more refreshing sleep. I love sleep, but I also love Netflix, do you get my dilemma?

8. Extra curricular.

There are 3 things that I really want to do, one is to start figure skating again, two is to do pilates or yoga to help me relax, and three is latin dancing!

9. Social calendar. 

Over the past few months, I have become incredibly un-social. I never go out to meet people, or at least never want to. I'm too used to being inside at home, on my own on Netflix. This has resulted in me feeling quite lonely. So instead of sulking I have got to be more social! Maybe I could host a cocktail evening, oo…

10. Positive outlook. 

Last but not least, having a more consistent positive outlook on myself, and everything else! I think this is one of the most important things in anyones life, and something you really need. It's probably one of the best ways to get motivated as well.

I hope this post has been useful to you in some way, if you have any tips or ideas that you'd like to share with me or others, comment below!