Hey there scrumptious! Hope you're happy and well! This post is a review, but I will also be sharing some of my own luscious hair tips! Lets crack on...

So my mum and I came across the Garnier 'ultimate blends' shampoo and conditioner, that has coconut oil and cocoa butter inside, which is part of what interested us in it! The main reason to why we purchased it (we share shampoos and conditioners to save money, cute I know *wink*), is because it's recommended for dry and frizzy hair, which I have most certainly been a victim of recently! Whilst using it I have had lovely soft hair, that also smells wonderful! Coconut oil is supposed to be extremely good for your hair, so I tend to trust products that have that included.

In the boots store there is a half price sale on the Garnier 'ultimate blends' hair products, so click the link below to check them out! 

Here is some of my favourite hair tips...

  1. My mum has ALWAYS encouraged me to do this, especially as I have very thick hair, but brush you hair every single day at least twice a day! An easy way I remember to do this is when I brush my teeth, I've paired the two together so I won't forget or not bother!
    I never used to bother brushing my hair, because I literally just could not be bothered, which was not good, as I would get killer nots that were incredibly hard to get out and I wasn't brushing out hairs that needed to come out. If you over brush your hair that can cause your hair to look greasy very quickly, so there is a limit, but it is so important to brush your hair to keep it healthy.
  2. Do not wash your hair every single day, unless you fell in mud or something like that, you get the idea. The less you wash your hair, the better, because although your hair gets greasy, your producing oils on your scalp that your hair needs to stay healthy. I remember a short period when I washed my hair excessively and it became greasy a lot more, because I was basically over-cleaning it.
    There are ways in which, if you decide not to wash your hair for a couple of days and it starts looking a little dirty or greasy, you can fix it by backcombing your hair, simply putting it up into a bun or ponytail, or using dry shampoo which is a very popular option. For dry shampoos I definitely recommend the Batiste ones, there are a lot to use from in terms of colour, smell and style! They do large, medium, small and travel size, so are appropriate for anything!
  3. When blowdrying your hair, when your hair is dry STOP! Otherwise if you continue drying you dry hair, it'll become more dry and damaged.
  4. When using heat products try and use heat protect, it may not completely protect your hair, but it helps enough! 
  5. TRIM YOUR ENDS! I hate trimming my hair, because in my eyes my hair just gets dramatically shorter, and I hate it. But it gets rid of those split ends, and helps your hair to grow faster!... So I hear...
So there are my top tips for now! 
Hope this post has interested you, or helped you in some way!