Whenever I receive a compliment I can 110% guarantee you it's about my hair.
Since I was little I've always had quite thick hair, it's not however always been long, I even went through that awkward bob & fringe stage.

I've never used certain products to keep my hair thick and bouncy, I tend to just play around with it just using my hands, pushing it upwards constantly, giving it a natural umph.
One thing I have found is that when I straighten my hair, overall it can be a bit flat, so whilst playing around with them one time I ended up creating loose curls, which helped my hair become voluminous, but at the same time it appeared care-free.

I start off by straightening my hair (this is obviously optional depending on your hair type), then I go over my hair again, as if I am straightening it but as it gets closer to the end I turn or twist the straightener inwards, which creates a big loose curl.
I continue to do this with varied sized chunks of hair, until I have covered most ends.

My favourite thing about this way of styling curls, is the fact it looks so effortless and at the same time stylish. It's easy to wear for many occasions or events. It's also comfortable, so you don't feel like you're messing your hair up by playing around with it now and then and has a luscious, soft feel as well.