"How will you know if it's the right decision if you never make it?"

At the end of last week I finally completed my two years of College.
I had been counting down to that very moment when I'd no longer have any more work to stress about. Now, a few days on, I suddenly feel guilty about having nothing to do and no deadlines to worry about. I guess after having an intense work load for a long time, with week-to-week deadlines, I'm not going to be able to shake off the habit of needing to do or complete something quite yet.
But overall I think I have earned some time off, and shouldn't need to feel like I can't stay in PJ's all day long on Netflix.

I must say I'm quite nervous for what's to come, especially as I have no intention of going to Uni, or even full time work at this minute. I just want to explore this, as I am doing right now, throughout the next few months, because... well it makes me happy. When I get a post done, it's almost like completely a deadline, like in College, and I hope with the more I do, the better and more popular my blog will become.

It's a risk.
But then again, it makes me happy and I'm motivated and committed to doing it & so I will not let myself feel guilty about that.
It can only improve and get better if I work at it.