so why do we care about what those within a few miles of us think about us, our lives and opinions?

For a long time I've had this thought pondering on my mind and recently my cousin and I actually discussed it and it really made me think even more, and perhaps gave me a more positive outlook on things, such as the future.

I don't think it's a bad thing to care about what people think of you, whether it's your looks or choices, but it's when it starts to affect you as a person and the way you live, then I think it's a problem, as most people do! 
Sometimes we care out of respect for people, as we don't want to offend them, such as clothing that some might find offensive in terms of religion or general morale, it's a nice thing to do, as long as it's a two-way street is what I'd say. 
I've always made an effort in how I look, it just naturally comes to me when I get ready, I don't do it for anyone but myself. Loads of people used to think and maybe still do, that I made too much of an effort to impress people/show off, or just because I was really insecure and felt the need to look decent wherever I went. No. This honestly was never ever ever the case, I dressed for myself, and myself only. I liked to, and I still do, I mean I've had an interest in Art, Fashion & design ever since I can remember, and it definitely shows with how I approach things, like what I wear. 
I live in a historic town, surrounded by a few other towns and then just rural land, so around here you kind of dress down compared to the main cities such as London, this has never stopped me from dressing how I like, but I do get why some people would look at me and not understand why I'd wear such a thing in the countryside. This is when I realise how differently we all look at life and what we want out of it, like I'm 18 years old, 19 in November, and I hate going out in the evenings, for a meal or one drink that's ok, but stuff like clubbing and partying, nuh uh not me. I just don't enjoy that lifestyle, which is something so many people don't get, so they go ahead and call me unsocial and boring. Which at times really has gotten to me, but those close to me understand and accept it, and what my cousin and I realised is that there are billions of people in this world, from so many different places, brought up in different cultures, and there's most likely 100's of others with the same outlook on things like me, like wanting to save my money and spend it on travelling instead of a load of booze. I don't want this misinterpreted as if I am shaming anyone who does that because I'm not, because it does look like so much fun, but just not for me and I'm pretty tired of people cutting me off as a friend because I don't go out clubbing with them, that's my only problem I have with it.
At the end of the day I think we're so oppressed by those who we are surrounded by and their opinions of us that we forget the billions of others in the world we are yet to meet, maybe not the whole billion of course, but there is just so many more people to meet out there in the world, who are completely different to anyone you've probably ever met or known in your life. 
We forget that we have endless opportunities to meet others and experience more, as we're so confined in the comfort of our own small world we've grown up in, that we need to step outside and and take a long moment to really indulge and see it to believe it.
I truly believe experience and adventure helps you massively to be able to grow into the best person you can be, and to give you more understanding of things and how to be ok and not confined. Never should we worry about what someone has said about you or thinks of you, if they do not know you personally. 

You won't feel so free if you do.