The mild temperatures against the layers of the melancholy sky, is somewhat soothing after baking my skin and soul in the heat wave over the last few days, downtime was very much needed. Coffee, water, tea on the go, subtle snacks, and good music and books surround me as we creep into the middle of the week, whilst I pour hours into writing and editing my favourite shoot to date, featuring the wondrous Cherrelle Jerfferson. 

how did i get into photography

I've always had a camera in my hand, even if I was just out with friends at the park, city or at home, I always felt a need and desire to document the day. I didn't always fuss with editing, it was more a sentimental thing, in which later I would upload bulks of photographs I'd taken online and it'd unite us once more. 

why did i stick and pursue it more

I've spent time both in front and behind the lens, both ways I have felt excitement and satisfaction when the images turn out to be successful, it made me thrive for more, to go ahead and experiment, create a piece of art and inspire. 

what is my distinctive style of photography

I adore fairytale-esque themes, they tell a story no doubt. Our imaginations fly and escape into a different world viewing them. I feel that way you're also able to get incredibly imaginative, as you can with many other subjects, but this is one I am absolutely smitten with. City chic, another that tickles my fancy, inspiration for such comes from the the statement cities, London, Paris, Rome and New York. From the streets, to lofts, cafes and bars, all merged into portraits, fashion or landscapes.
It's hard to blandly put into words, to try and describe it all as one, I feel as though each singular photograph I capture and edit, is unique, it has it's own journey and story.

To photograph, create and express, is love to me. It keeps me happy, my mind and ideas stay fresh and constant. To turn thoughts, emotions and events into pictures, capture moments and share them with others is a treasured treat.

Check out my photography page here and please do get in touch Angels if you'd like a shoot, I don't bite.