I've been spending more precious time on treating the inside of my body well, rather than obsessing over the appearance on the outside, so I've started the afternoon with a kick of green with added sweetness. You can laugh and grunt off the green juice craze, but you can't deny the health benefits; you end up glowing naturally on the outside, your skin, teeth, hair and eyes, all nurtured depending on what you mix up in the blender. You spend days feeling nourished and re-vamped inside of you, extra energy and life glimmers within. Most do admit it can be hard to stomach the flavour or even swallow it past our taste buds, but I have found a sugar-coated solution to make it a little more bearable and more flavorous past the sour greens, by just adding some organic honey or maple syrup whichever tickles your fancy, I gulped the whole juice down within minutes it was that ground-breaking. This recipe is no mind boggle, it's just as it tastes, sweet and simple.

one banana
cup of greens, kale & spinach
unsweetened milk, nut, soy
 ice, for added thickness

enjoy dearies