I really don't like tucking in tops, jumpers or anything - it leaves you looking lumpy and you constantly have to adjust and re-tuck, which clearly has proven too much for me. The answer to my frustrations is no secret, bodysuits. In fact, I probably mention them too much for my own good, but you whack 'em on and you are ready to go. 
I'll forever swear by high waisted goods and nineties casual vibes - my go-to on a hot muggy day, to the freezing cold paired with crop jumpers. There's something nostalgic and  lust worthy over these old iconic styles that constantly are making comebacks to this point in time. It's like you're trying to live that life from years ago, embrace an alter ego or inner diva, you're able to add character by mixing it into your own modern style then creating something new. It's a love affair with the past we just won't let go of - high waisted shorts enhancing our curves, bardot tops making us dream we're Bridget Bardot herself somewhere in the heat of France, festival loving flares, to mesh, ripped jeans and leather jackets rocking punked out streets of London, beer in hand. 
See, I really don't have a distinctive style, yet, I'm still on my way to working that out, roughly I'd say - bohemian chic, because that's vague and vast, from simple to detailed, girlie to tomboy, it's a mix. My style, right now, is a mix. Always evolving, and ever changing.