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It's true, we all know it, but accepting it is harder. Without realising it, most of the time we unknowingly seek validation from others, rather than having confidence in ourselves that what we're doing ok, on the right track, that we were indeed right or are a good person. We leave it to others to have faith in us, because it's too much of a gamble trusting ourselves to do so, perhaps so we won't feel guilt and worn out when something goes wrong or doesn't work out.

The trouble is when this becomes so normal and common for you, the second you have something good going and someone doubts it, you crumble. You're hurt, disheartned, full of conflicting thoughts and feelings, you lose any shred of faith and hope you even had in yourself because of someones opinion whos you so dearly respect, which doesn't actually have any effect of the situation itself, only you internally. 

I know I'm 100% guilty of getting myself down whilst seeking validation from another. I worry too much of their opinion, their grasp of what I do, how I go by day to day, the decisions I make or how I feel and it's absolutely ruthless on my mindset. It's even harder when it's from someone close to you. See, I don't like people having misconceptions about me, so I'm constantly out of breathe explaining myself to a brick wall half the time because others simply don't get it. 

Your way isn't everyone else's way

...we all function differently, our experiences have changed us all in unique ways, we all come from different walks of life, it's no surprise ourselves and others don't always instantly hop on board the ship of understanding, and as much as it's natural a lot of the time to want the support and criticism of another, that you'd expect to lead to more confidence and drive, realistically you really don't need it from anyone but yourself. Someone else's two cents on you and your life, in all honesty means shit, it really does because as long as you have a strong mindset, another persons judgement doesn't alter your decisions in the slightest, unless you let it

Your life is yours and you got this.

with love, Kat