Clearly inspired by Peter Pan, maybe even Robin Hood, (I am joking) these ASOS culottes (similar here) were a basic piece I wanted to get my hands on, given they're a forest green colour, a favourite of mine, with the flexibility to be worn day-to-night and all year round. Paired with a basic Primark tee, an old Gap belt and these new basic staple Whinetta boots from JustFab, you've got a cosy but beautifully tailored Autumn/Winter look.

I talk about time a lot, how we spend it, view it, how we even attempt to make it. It's a concept so present in our lives, we created it and yet are fearful of the lack of it we hold. I think there's a lot of pressure in spending it wisely, using it accordingly, dreaming big and having our shit together very young, otherwise it's wasted. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, it's only how we spend it, our dissimilar structures and lifestyles, that determine the differences that make us feel we have more or less than others, hence why we shouldn't constantly drown in an over-thought of comparison because everyones scenarios are so widely unique, even in the most subtle of ways.

We're in constant check of the time, even in moments of spontaneity (I mean unless you're extraordinarily drunk and end up elsewhere in complete oblivion of any realms of life at all) we're still making sure we're back at this hour, or worrying about those to come in the next day, whether it's work or general plans, there's a constant anticipation of what's left ahead. Perhaps constantly being online, aware of others day-to-day activities or milestones reached, makes us question our own usage of time and so we only see downsides of how we're wasting it, or how little is left for certain things. We build up limitations and doubt on the concept of something that perhaps isn't really that real, after all we put that structure in place long ago.

What if a year was the equivalent of two, would you then feel you had more time? Perhaps if we should stop looking at birthdays as getting older and ageing in a way you become bitterly aware of the things you can or cannot do, should or shouldn't and just as a time to simply celebrate being here. Maybe we have built up so much structure as a way to maintain control, that all it does in some corners, is keep you boxed up in the back of a car, journeying on a one-way road. I  truly believe breaking certain boundaries, adapting to less than conventional ways of life, helps enable yourself into creating your own time, your own clock, your own life, than sticking to the same old traditional constitution.

I don't if this all makes sense, I suppose it's something that here and there tickles my mind and I just wanted to get these thoughts down somewhere. It's an interesting notion though, isn't it?

with love, Kat