what i'm wearing

calvin klein black cropped short sleeve top, topshop tan belted mini skirt, asos rust coloured heeled boots, beige gap jacket and vintage prada bag 

For the first time in a long time, without too much thought and force, I've let go; I feel at ease and have a lot more trust and faith in myself that I'm doing my best and what comes will come and I'll just deal with right now. It doesn't sound like much, but for so long to live and move around with a bird hovering and plucking at you is something that although you're used to it, it's tiring. There are some things we should put extra drive into, but others, a lot of stuff we don't even realise, we shouldn't; because they don't actually have much significance as you think, they're actually very mundane, yet we make it a bigger thing.

This was something my over-caffeinated self vowed to change this year, to worry less and stop making things that aren't an issue, then be on every newsstand everywhere I go. It might be that right now, I've finally cracked it, that my head finally gets it; the keys finally found the right lock. Granted, I might stumble backwards here and then, but with time things click, we heal, we sort shit out and each time it's growth. That's reassurance to me that sticking to new teachings and mantras, getting out and making my bed each morning with hope and optimism, means that slowly but surely things will change; I won't always be stuck and there's forever the possibility of something new.

with love, Kat