You guys do not understand just how much I love this Garnier product! I've always wished I had a tan all year round, rather than just in the summertime, and this product does just that. You get a 12hr moisturised body and a gradual natural looking tan, it really is the best of both worlds & also one of my favourite things about this gradual self tan is 1. the smell, I don't like apricots but the smell is just amazing, 2. applying it is easy, as the cream itself appears white, so you don't feel so intimidated putting it on and trying to even it out, 3. the colour isn't too orange, or too dark, it is literally what can only be described as sun-kissed, it really is! 4. as long as you apply the cream all over, you don't get any streak marks! And finally 5. what I find with a lot of the fake tans I have used, is that the minute you get a drop of water on where you've applied the tan, your lighter skin appears! Whereas with this self tan it doesn't happen, or at least with me it hasn't, and I really hope it doesn't!
I highly recommend this for anyone who's just like me and just wants a bit of colour all over throughout the year! I got it form Boots for just £7.50, and I purchased the 'light' sun-kissed look, there are a range of different contrasts you can choose from, so if you are interested you can just click the link below and it will take you directly to the Boots website, and straight onto the Garnier gradual tan page...