Bright colours and patterns! Not something I've ever really been into before, but when I found these two pairs of shoes I immediately fell in love, I had no doubts buying them!
I'm basically just going to chit chat and review both these shoes that I bought the other week, 'cause they're kinda too pretty not to talk about!

These absolutely beautiful, bright coral block heel ballerinas, I managed to get for only £9.99! I was quite surprised at the price, but then I wasn't... I think that I was just taken aback by the fact I could get them for that much and they are amazing high quality, gorgeous colour and very comfortable on! Click the link below to be redirected to the site!


So the pattern is FAUX snake skin, I do hope that's right! & quick fun fact, I don't actually like snakes, I have a massive fear of them, sometimes looking at these shoes too much scares me... Nonetheless! I love these and the pattern! The shoes themselves are incredibly comfy, I love the fact you can just slip these on with or without socks! They are a great addition to a plain outfit, I tend to wear a lot of black so these just help lift and complete the outfit. I wore a black long sleeved top from Gap and black Topshop jeans the other day, if I had just worn black pumps I think it'd have looked a little going to work, than a chilled outfit, so when I put these on instead, wham! It looked super trendy, and was comfortable at the same time! I got these from H&M for £24.99, I didn't mind paying this price, because I was really overly in love with them, and I've had no problems with them so far, unfortunately I can't find them on the website! But below is the link to the sneakers page where some are a lot cheaper, as of £7.99 to £12.99.