FINALLY, I've gotten round to doing my Your Tea review. I've actually used it 2 or 3 times before, and still continue to! What I love about the tea is that it's not just a typical slimming detox tea because it doesn't produce a laxative effect. It cleanses your digestive system, which helps weight loss, clearer skin, easing bloating and helps boost your energy levels. If you'd like to read into more detail about the tea itself, as well as the other types they offer, here is the link...

My experience with Your Tea...
I've personally love this tea, because of the physical and mental aspects. It encourages and helps me be more motivated to excersise, eat healthily and stop snacking on unnecessary foods. When drinking Your Tea, my daily bloating has gone down a lot, and weight loss comes along nicely. It makes me feel nourished and fresh. Even though the tea that I have is the simple Your Tea, not the Her Tea, which specialises in skin clearing, this tea has still given me very healthy clear skin!

I think what some people forget is that everyones body is going to react differently to the particular tea, me for example, my body is used to natural and herbal foods and drinks, and reacts well to them. You're not instantly going to lose a stone from drinking the tea, especially not without doing any excersise or eating a balanced diet. On the other hand some people might! But in reality it takes just a little more effort than that.

Overall I do recommend Your Tea, as my personal experience has been very positive and bearable, that I look forward to getting another! Do look into it before you by it, making sure you understand the concept and that it is right for you. Hope this has helped any of you wanting to buy it, but haven't been sure, or encouraged you to try!