Will there ever be a year where we don't mutter what the fuck was this shit? I don't think so. Something is always bound to happen, be it politics, personal matters, work or relationships, it'll always be down to you to personally to weigh up the good and bad, to determine how your year went. In all honestly, my year was going ok, I was forever the optimist, when things went far downhill, it was ok, it's just life, I'll learn and keep going. Work has kicked off in comforting way this year, finally, I kind of feel like I am actually getting somewhere, however of course, right as the year is coming to an end, in the last week, my world has pretty much shattered, the future's a little uncertain in ways that are out of my control and my hearts quite broken. I couldn't really have anticipated it, but that's life.

I stand by taking it day by day and remembering that 'your problems will still be your problems tomorrow', so have a drink and go to bed, worry another day and rest for now. I swore by this in College, when the work load was too much and at 2a.m. I had to stop, but I was never really stressed then getting to sleep, because I'd tell myself, you can finish it tomorrow but only if you rest now. Smart, yeah? Sort of, at the end of the day I did get it all done, got good grades so cheers to me. It's crazy how I still apply those tactics now day to day and especially for dealing with my anxiety. Its worked a treat, I'm keeping my cool and managing myself through the changing climates. I've spent more time than I ever have before, investing in myself this year, building a career, taking chances, branching out and building a life, for me. You see, I worry too much, to the point I collapse in bed from stress, but through remembering all that I'm doing, all I'm doing for myself and knowing I'll always have that; the strength and determination to create and go on no matter what happens, sure I'll still be affected by the storms that'll still come, but I'll always have me.